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Mexico Repeals Last Anti-Gay Law

Brazilian Soccer Star
Poses for Gay Magazine

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

Mexico Repeals Last Anti-Gay Law

Mexico's Chamber of Deputies voted 473 to 0 with two abstentions December 12 to delete a Penal Code paragraph that made "homosexualism" an aggravating factor in the corruption of minors.

The word was replaced with the phrase "sexual practices" thus placing heterosexual and homosexual corruption on equal footing.

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Legislators also added a paragraph specifying that education about sexuality or sexually transmitted diseases cannot be considered as corruption of minors.

Patria2.jpg - 30.27 K Patria Jimenez "With this achievement, Mexico eliminates the last vestiges of discrimination based on sexual orientation from its legal framework," said lesbian Congresswoman Patria Jimenez, for whom reform of the law had been a pet project.

"We consider this a triumph that fills us all with pride."

Brazilian Soccer Star
Poses for Gay Magazine

Vampeta, a star player on Brazil's national soccer team, posed as a cover model for the January issue of the gay magazine G.

In an interview with the magazine, Vampeta said he is straight but has nothing against gays including those he knows in professional soccer.
vampeta.gif - 27.67 K Vampeta

Vampeta's coach, Wanderley Luxemburgo, told reporters, "I wouldn't buy the magazine because I think Vampeta is very ugly."

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