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Zimbabwe: Banana, Convicted of Sodomy Returns Home

Former President/ Clergyman Charged with 11 Counts

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

cbanana.gif - 11.17 K Canaan Banana Former Zimbabwean President Canaan Banana, convicted November 26 of sodomy and sexual assault against 11 male aides, surrendered to authorities at the South Africa/Zimbabwe border December 16 and was placed under house arrest at his mansion in Harare's exclusive Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

Banana jumped bail last month just before the verdict was announced, going first to neighboring Botswana then to South Africa where he met with President Nelson Mandela.

"There were plans to eliminate me physically so I chose to leave the country the way I did because I was in possession of dangerous security information which I wanted to share with my real friends," Banana said.

zimbab.gif - 16.16 K President Mugabe Banana claims the charges against him were fabricated following rumors he was planning a political comeback that could have challenged the rule of vehemently anti-gay President Robert Mugabe.

Banana was brought to trial after a policeman shot to death a colleague who had taunted him as "Banana's wife." The policeman, Jefta Dube, testified that Banana forced him into a three-year sexual relationship from 1984-1986.

In the first assault, Dube said, he was drugged and woke up naked with a smiling Banana saying, "We helped ourselves."

Other victims described a scenario in which Banana would ask them to play cards, offer them a drink, put on music, insist on teaching them to dance, then kiss and fondle them while dancing.
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