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TuTu Compares Anti-Gay
Discrimination to Apartheid

Australian Police Nix Tom of Finland Book

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

TuTu Compares Anti-Gay
Discrimination to Apartheid

In an appearance at the PeaceJam Youth Conference in Denver November 15, South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, 67, Compared discrimination against gays to apartheid, reported The Rocky Mountain News.

When asked by a conference attendee which injustice he most Wants to reverse, Tu Tu said, "Will you give me two?"
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Desmond Tutu

He then called on world leaders to forgive the debts of Developing nations and said persecution of gays is as wrong As apartheid because gayness is no more of a choice than race.

"For me it's a matter of human rights and a deeply theological issue," he said. "I believe they (gays) are as much God's children as anyone….I can't be part of a scheme for clobbering them.
Australian Police Nix Tom of Finland Book

tomfindland.jpg - 19.63 K Police in St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia—a section of Melbourne— have ordered the public library to remove a book of Tom of Finland drawings after patron Steve Jones stumbled upon it And freaked out.

The Police Gaming and Vice Squad said the drawings of Hypermacho hunks having sex breach censorship laws.

Jones, who picketed the library for a week to draw attention to his distress, told reporters: "I'm not for censorship and I'm not a moral crusader, but I find this totally repugnant."

Library officials acknowledged that the book is "sexually explicit" but said a lot of other library material is also.

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