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Tel Aviv: Open Lesbian
Elected to City Council

Koreans Stage First Gay Film Fest

French Partners Measure Delayed Again

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

Tel Aviv: Open Lesbian Elected to City Council

meden.jpg - 15.30 K Michal Eden Lesbian activist Michal Eden was elected to the Tel Aviv, Israel, City Council November 10.

Eden had snagged the second slot on the Meretz party list in the primary election thanks to strong support from the gay community -- and the party then won four spots in the general election, giving Eden her seat.

She is the first gay or lesbian ever elected in Israel, local activists said. The City Council has 31 members.
Koreans Stage First Gay Film Fest

koreaflag.gif - 36.31 K Seoul, Korea's first Queer Film & Video Festival brought 87 dramas, documentaries and animated films to the city November 6-15.

The festival was accompanied by forums and symposia on Korean and Asian gay cinema and on the relationship between the media and homosexuality.

Fifteen additional films were banned from the main festival by censors but were screened for film professionals, journalists and critics. Last year, the entire film festival was banned.
French Partners Measure Delayed Again

The French parliament's vote on giving spousal rights to gay and straight unmarried couples has been delayed again -- until at least the end of November.

The measure was the subject of fierce debate in the National Assembly this month, attracting unusually long speeches, arcane procedural motions and more than 1,000 hostile amendments.

Conservatives and Roman Catholics ultimately hope to scuttle the bill that will create the "Civil Solidarity Pacts," but the legislation is supported by the ruling Socialists who hold a majority of seats in the Assembly.

The proposed law permits cohabiting couples, regardless of gender or romantic attachment, to access spousal rights in such areas as inheritance, housing, taxation, workplace benefits, social security and social-welfare programs.

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