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Scotland Scraps
Anti-Gay Laws from Thatcher Era

By Jack Nichols

scottsma.gif - 30.59 K Glasgow University, ScotlandóThe Scottish cabinet has announced that it is abolishing a law censoring passionate same-sex expressions of love and affection. The anti-gay legislation introduced in 1988 by Margaret Thatcher's government is known as Section 28.

The Thatcher government had made "promoting homosexuality" illegal. Since Scotland now has its own government cabinet, separate from England's, its leaders mean to annihilate this antiquated Thatcher-era holdover.

Wendy Alexander, the Labour minister for the communities, announced the repeal here, confirming to reporters that the law must to be scrapped to remove "the blight of discrimination and intolerance" from Scotland.

Calling Section 28 "vindictive, unjust and reactionary", Ms. Alexander said: "the new Scotland should be characterized by a politics of action, not of protest, of liberation, not cruelty.

"The Scottish cabinet this week decided it would sweep away the vindictive Tory legislation that singles out gay relationships for condemnation. We believe that this legislation is unjust, reactionary and has no place in the Scotland of tomorrow."

This means, say close observers, that Section 28 will be abolished in Scotland before abolition occurs throughout the rest of Britain.

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