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Latvian Poll Registers Pro-Gay Majority

Pangi Nyathi, Zimbabwean
Gay Leader, Commits Suicide

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

Latvian Poll Registers Pro-Gay Majority

latvia.jpg - 7.17 K As Latvia considers a registered-partnership law for same-sex couples, a new Baltic Data House poll found that 53 percent of the adult population supports the proposal. Thirty-five percent of those questioned do not and 11 percent have no opinion.

Sixty-three percent of those polled said homosexuals "are an equal part of society." Thirty-one percent said they're not and six percent had no opinion.

"We regard these results as extremely positive and hope they will help us to progress the partnership draft law in the parliament," said Juris Ludvigs Lavrikovs of the Homosexuality Information Center.

Latvia's National Human Rights Office sent the draft to Parliament's Human Rights and Public Affairs Commission on September 28. The proposal, modeled after statutes in nearby Scandinavia, grants registered couples nearly every right of matrimony except in the area of adoption.
Pangi Nyathi, Zimbabwean Gay Leader, Commits Suicide

The chairman of the group Gays and Lesbian of Zimbabwe (GALZ), Pangi Nyathi, reportedly committed suicide October 10.

A short e-mail from GALZ stated, in full:

"GALZ offers its deepest condolences to Herbert Mondhlani on the death of Panghi Nyathi, longtime member of this organisation, a fine counsellor and current chairperson. Panghi died on the morning of Sunday 10 October at his home in Harare just hours after the annual Jacaranda Queen drag pageant. Our hearts reach out to you Herbert. There are no words to describe what you must feel in the light of your tragic personal loss."

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