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Iran's Chief Prosecutor:
Throw Homosexuals into the Fire

Compiled by GayToday

Tehran, Iran--A chilling document that details recent troubling moves by the fundamentalist Iranian government has been forwarded to GayToday by Homan, the worldwide organization founded to protect gay men and lesbians within the borders of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It quotes Mohammad Gilani, Iran's chief prosecutor who said:

" Set up a fire and throw the person who commits homosexual acts into the fire."

Article 5 of the Declaration of Human Rights explains, says the document, that " Nobody may be tortured or punished in an inhumane or cruel way."

In recent months, however, the world has witnessed vicious and barbaric crimes in Iran, including the mass-murder of women in Mashad and Tehran and the public floggings of youths in streets. These cruel acts have the full support of fundamentalist Iranian authorities.

Hashemi Shahroodi, chief Justice of Iranian regime has announced that these attacks are taking place because of a formal command that has been issued by the Supreme Leader of Islamic Republic, Ali Khamenei.

Mohammadi Gilani notes that the Supreme Leader ordered such cruelty in his Thursday night weekly meeting with the Iranian chief justice. In addition, Iranian police have added eight articles to their agenda to serve as new strategies to carry out these cruel acts against Iranian citizens. Their so-called "anti-corruption" agenda began on 2001/8/20.

Mohammad Gilani, is currently Iran's chief prosecutor which is the second most prominent position in the Iranian judiciary system. He takes a critical part in the approval of judicial courts' decisions and rulings throughout the country.

Since the birth of the Islamic Revolution of 1979, Gilani has remained a key advocate of the killing and torturing of many of the Islamic Republic's adversaries as well as of executing same-sex lovers. He has recently become actively involved in the organizing of extremist groups to abuse social and individual rights of Iranian people:

" I suggest that, [while flogging an offender,] the whip should penetrate the skin and flesh and touch the offender's bone" he said in a local press conference when he was asked about the way that flogging is being conducted.

" They should set up a fire and throw the person who was involved in that act of homosexuality into the fire", he recommended as a suitable punishment for same-sex lovemaking. (according to Nowrooz Newspaper, 2001/8/30)

Mesbah Yazdi is a fanatical fundamentalist theoretician, a major figure in a hard-line political circle. He believes that public floggings should be an inevitable part of religion as he said at Friday's prayers on 2001/8/24: "Flogging in public is one of Islam's principals." President Khatami's government, including so-called "reformists" makes no objection to the rulings of these religious fanatics Their only concern remains the discrediting of the Islamic Republic upon the international stage.

Thus, their preference is that the Islamic punishments such as floggings, stonings and executions be carried out in private or in prisons but not in public locales. This demonstrates, say observers, that Iran's religious fundamentalists do not, in fact, oppose the use of such vicious and cruel methods.

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" There is no objection to conducting of our Islamic penalties. But, choosing crowded places for flogging is not explainable." Said the state interior minister, Abdolvahed Musavi Lari in annual gathering of Islamic associations. ( 2001/8/25)

While trying to gain confirmation for his new cabinet in the parliament, the president, Khatami said:

" Aside from these [problems], I am proud of the Islamic Republic". In his press conference on 2001/9/1, he defended the necessity of some of these penalties in regard with what he calls " 100% support of people for conducting such punishments". " No sector of society is against it", he added! (IRNA news agency)

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