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People to U.S. Congress: 'Let's Move On!'

Month-long TV Ad Blitz Goes Nationwide

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From PFAWF Report

pfawf.gif - 16.31 KAmericans trying in vain to get Washington's ear to critique possibly lengthy impeachment proceedings, are getting a brand new megaphone, starting tonight, as People For the American Way begins airing its nationwide ad campaign.

"Americans have been saying, loud and clear, that they want Washington to get back to the nation's work, but the congressional leadership has turned a deaf ear," said Carole Shields, People For the American Way's President. "This ad will turn up the volume with a message that no one can ignore: It's time for Congress to move on."

The 30-second spot was designed to give voice to the millions of Americans who have told pollsters that they are sick of the scandals and want to see Washington dealing with the real issues like education, health care, and social security that affect people and families. It also serves as a reminder to Americans that their vote is the strongest voice they have, and one that cannot be ignored on November 3.

The ad pointedly criticizes the Republican leadership of Congress for listening only to the Religious Right and ignoring the people's business.

"The Religious Right's steady drumbeat has drowned out the people's voice and soured many Americans on politics," said Shields. "If mainstream Americans sit out this election, that would leave decisions about who will lead this nation in the hands of a politically extreme and highly motivated minority on the religious right."

The ad premiered Tuesday night on CNN's Larry King Live and will run nationwide throughout this first week of the ad campaign slated to continue until the elections.

So far, the time buy totals nearly $1 million for just the first week.

The ad is also scheduled to run on other key CNN shows and on local shows in Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Miami, West Palm Beach, and in the Quad Cities market including Rock Island and Moline, IL, and Davenport and Bettendorf, IA.

pfaw.gif - 3.71 KPFAWF plans to expand the buy to New York in the next few days and to other markets in the remaining weeks leading up to the November 3 elections.

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