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Costa Rica Reportedly Bans Discrimination

French Mayors Were Deceived on Gay Partnerships

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

Costa Rica Reportedly Bans Discrimination

COSTARICA2.JPG - 4.99 KAccording to unconfirmed information posted on the Internet by gay activists, the Costa Rican Supreme Court banned discrimination based on "sexual option" by rewriting a portion of the Constitution September 16.

The Internet posting did not say what provoked the move, but the activists said a clause was added to the Constitution which states:

"Whoever applies, directs or practices discriminatory measures based on race; nationality; gender; age; political, religious or sexual option; social position; economic situation; civil state or any health infirmity, will be penalized with from 20 to 60 days in jail."

The only other nations that ban discrimination based on sexual orientation via their constitutions are South Africa and Fiji.

French Mayors Were Deceived on Gay Partnerships

The 14,644 mayors who signed a petition against France's proposed "Civil Solidarity Pact" registered-partnership law were misled into believing they would be forced to conduct gay weddings, French newspapers reported last week.

In fact, the legislation, which will be debated in the National Assembly October 9, proposes that cohabiting couples -- gay or straight, romantic or not -- be allowed to register with a court clerk and obtain most of the social and fiscal rights of matrimony. Access to adoption and state-funded artificial- conception technology likely will be excluded.

The newspaper L'Evenement du Jeudi contacted some of the opposition mayors and reported that many of them support the Civil Solidarity Pact once its provisions are explained to them.

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