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Colombia: Senator & Activist Introduce Rights Bill

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colombiaflag.jpg - 8.41 K Bogata, Colombia--Colombian Senator Margarita Londono and Manuel Antonio Velandia, one of Colombia's foremost gay activists, introduced a bill to the Senate: "By Which the Rights of Gay Women and Men Are Recognized," If voted on and accepted, this bill would:

  • Add "intolerance for the difference originated by reason of sexual orientation and identity on the part of the victim" to the list of crimes considered as 'bias crimes.'

  • Provide a legal partnership status that is neither marriage nor domestic partnership but a third 'valid social patrimony' agreement [sociedad patrimonial vigente, in Spanish], which would allow same sex partners to have inheritance rights after 2 years of establishing this agreement or if able to prove a relationship that has lasted more than 2 years.

  • It also extends the Obligatory Health Plan Coverage to include 'family,' defined as a same sex partner in a 'valid social patrimony' agreement, all offspring (sons/daughters) under 18 that are born to one or both of the partners, all offspring over 18 with permanent disabilities, or all offspring under 25 that are full time students and depend fully on their parents. Coverage is also extended to the widowed or single parent of each of the partners if the parent depends on his/her son/daughter for sustenance.

  • It calls for Social Security laws to apply to this 'valid social patrimony' agreement.

  • It calls for sex change operations to be covered by the Obligatory Health Plan

  • It calls for the "liberty of association and congregation between homosexuals"

  • It calls on the National Ministry of Education to remove any content in educational text books that teach discrimination based on sexuality and to reinforce said texts with "clear and objective information regarding sexual orientation and identity."
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    The bill has not been voted on but could become law and a watershed moment in Colombian gay history.
    Colombian Lesbian & Gay Association (COLEGA):

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