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Anti-Gay Epithets Part of Daily Detroit Radio Show

Compiled By GayToday

Detroit, Michigan-- Detroit radio station WKRK's (97.1 FM) new radio program Deminski and Doyle, on the air less than two weeks, has made anti-gay epithets part of its daily format. The Triangle Foundation has challenged the program's blatant show of bigotry, asking that the two radio personalities be fired. demdoyle.jpg - 30.35 K Deminski and Doyle,

Jeff Deminski and Bill Doyle take the microphone every weekday from 2-6pm and have lately been featuring a regular segment on "faggy songs" in which they discuss and encourage callers to suggest songs that men "shouldn't be caught dead singing." They don't stop there.

They don't merely suggest that men singing certain songs may make them appear less masculine or less macho. Instead they systematically refer to such songs as "faggy songs."

Such instigation has encouraged numerous callers, who, on the air, say things like, "I have a faggy song for you guys," and "I know a fag song." Deminski and Doyle also use the term "homo" and "fudgepacker" on their show.

"This is an example of outrageous bigotry and overt homophobia," said Sean Kosofsky, Director of Policy and Victim Services for the Triangle Foundation, a statewide civil rights, advocacy and anti-violence organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people in Michigan.

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"If these radio personalities would have made disparaging epithets toward racial, religious or ethnic minorities, they would have been forced by the station to apologize and would probably lose their jobs. We are calling for the station to fire these men for their unabashed and offensive references to gay men.

"It is precisely this type of cavalier insensitivity and instigation that marginalizes gays and fuels the atmosphere that leads to anti-gay violence," continued Kosofsky.
Action Alert:

Call Station Manager Steve Sinicropi: 248-395-9797 Demand an end to anti-gay bigotry and request that Jeff Deminski and Bill Doyle be fired.

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