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Zambian Gays Organize

Zambia Issues Warning on Gay Associations

By Rex Wockner
International News Report
Including a GayToday Bulletin

zambiacoat.gif - 4.81 KTwenty Zambians have formed an organization called LEGATRA -- the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Persons Association -- and are attempting official government registration.

The group, which is working closely with Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ), will offer legal advice, personal counseling and AIDS information.

Zambian President Frederick Chiluba has called homosexuality "un- African" and government officials have warned that the registration will not be allowed.

Zambia Issues Warning on Gay Associations
A GayToday Bulletin

zambiaflag.jpg - 4.49 KLusaka, Central Africa. The Zambian government has instructed law-enforcement officers to arrest anybody spearheading registration of an association for the country's homosexuals.

Home affairs minister Mr. Peter Machungwa warned in Lusaka that police would arrest leaders of the group if they tried to register it, government-owned Zambia Daily Mail said yesterday.

Mr. Machungwa noted that the Zambian government would not promote lawlessness in the nation and urged leaders of the group to come down to earth. Mr. Machungwa came out in support of earlier warnings from legal affairs minister Mr. Vincent Malainbo and Mr. Davud Mapamba, minister of information and broadcasting services. Both of them warned last Monday that the government would not permit homosexual activities because they were illegal and an abomination of African culture.

Police spokesman Mr. Beenwell Chlmfwembe also warned those who advocated the existence of an association for gay people risked facing the law

Registrar of societies Mr. Herbert Nyendwa said in Lusaka on the same day that he would not register anybody wishing to form an association for homosexuals. He explained that his organisation could not register any association for homosexuals because the activity was illegal.

Independent newspaper The Post on Thursday quoted Mr. Alfred Zulu, the. project co-ordinator for the country's gay movement and president of the Zambia independent monitoring team, as saying there were about 500,000 gays throughout Zambia. — Ziana-SapaAFP.

As reported in THE HERALD, Harare, Zimbabwe - 5 September 1998

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