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Russian Orthodox Church
Condemns Same-Sex Love

Patrons of Soweto Gay Bar Shot

Gay Murder Posters Appear in Brazil

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

Russian Orthodox Church
Condemns Same-Sex Love

russianorthodoz.jpg - 10.71 K The Russian Orthodox Church's 146 bishops have adopted a new "social doctrine" that officially condemns homosexuality, reports the Russian Web site

"Discussions about the so-called sexual minorities in the modern society tend to recognize homosexuality not as a sexual perversion, but only as one of the 'sexual orientations', one that has an equal right for public demonstration and respect," the document says. "Bearing pastoral responsibility for people with homosexual inclinations, the church at the same time decisively opposes attempts to present this sinful tendency as a 'norm' and even more, a subject of pride and an example to be followed."

The bishops added that persons who "propagate" a homosexual way of life should be banned from teaching school or holding positions of authority in the military or prisons.
Patrons of Soweto Gay Bar Shot

Dozens of patrons were injured in an Aug. 20 shooting at a bar frequented by gays in Soweto, South Africa, according to Johannesburg's OUTright magazine.

Three gunmen blocked the exit of the Get Ahead Shebeen club while other assailants declared that the invasion was not a robbery and opened fire.

Patrons claimed two people died in the attack but the owner of the bar said there were no deaths. The incident has received minimal news coverage in South Africa, OUTright said. Soweto is a largely black area.

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The attack took place the same night a car bomb exploded outside the Cape Town gay bar Bronx, injuring the doorman and shattering the club's windows.

In an e-mail, OUTright Editor Daniel Somerville said: "It is disgusting and disgraceful [that the media has not covered this]. This is an attack against our community. It doesn't matter if it was Soweto or Klerksdorp or Cape Town -- lesbian and gay people, be they English, Afrikaans, Zulu or Xhosa must stand in solidarity against homophobia."

Another Cape Town gay club, Blah Bar, was bombed last November. Nine people were injured in that blast.
Gay Murder Posters Appear in Brazil

Posters appeared around Curitiba, Brazil, in mid August showing a hooded figure with a pointed gun below the caption, "Make your day happy - put an end to homosexuality."

The words "Resistance 88" appear at the bottom of the poster.

Curitiba, the capital of Parana state, is approximately 160 miles (256 km) south of Sao Paulo.

To assist local activists in responding to the hate campaign, contact Beto Kaiser, president of the Paranese June 28th Institute at 011-55-041-324-9501 or

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