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South African Gay Club BombedóDoorman is Injured

Reports South African Military Castrated Gays Until 1994

Gays Excluded from Tokyo Rights Document

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

South African Gay Club BombedóDoorman is Injured

southafbomb.jpg - 10.54 K A car bomb exploded outside the Cape Town, South Africa, gay bar Bronx August 20, injuring the doorman and shattering the club's windows.

Gay activists said four other individuals who had been outside the bar were hurt, but police could not confirm that.

A taxi driver told the SAPA news agency the explosion shot flames two stories high.

"I got one hell of a fright," he said. "My heart was still beating fast half an hour later."

Another Cape Town gay club, Blah Bar, was bombed last November. Nine people were injured in that blast.
Reports South African Military Castrated Gays Until 1994

South Africa's National Coalition for Gay and Lesbian Equality is demanding that a commission of inquiry be formed to investigate reports that military doctors tortured homosexuals with forced sex-change operations and chemical castration from the 1970s to 1994.

According to the Mail & Guardian, military psychiatrists and chaplains colluded to identify gay draftees and send them to Ward 22 of Voortrekkerhoogte military hospital for "rehabilitation".

NCGLE's petition is supported by Amnesty International and the South African Council of Churches.
Gays Excluded from Tokyo Rights Document

Tokyo gays expressed surprise and anger August 15 upon learning there is no mention of them in the first draft of the city government's new human-rights guidelines, the Daily Yomiuri reported.

Gay groups had been included in hearings where the draft was hammered out.

A spokesman for Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara said gay issues were excluded from the document because "the government has not yet received understanding [about homosexuals] from the majority of Tokyo residents."

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Masaki Inaba, a spokesman for the gay group Occur, responded: "Although the amount of information available to the public about homosexuals [has] increased, it is still considered socially OK to pick on homosexuals and label them second-class citizens. This is a result of the lack of information about gays and lesbians. Government recognition is necessary for the proper measures to be taken."

The guidelines will be finalized before winter, the Daily Yomiuri said.
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