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Belarus Cops Confiscate Rainbow Flag

Gays Organize in Murmansk, Russia

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

Belarus Cops Confiscate Rainbow Flag

belarusgay.gif - 9.12 K Police in Minsk, Belarus, confiscated a rainbow flag from a July 23 display of AIDS quilts after the chair of the Russian NAMES Foundation, which arranged the display, charged that "exposing the gay flag discredits heterosexuals" with AIDS.

The flag was brought to the exhibit by the gay group Belarus Lambda League. When they ignored Mikhail Nedelski's demands to remove it, he called the cops and Minsk Police Central District Chief Alexander Vyl came and confiscated it.

Police officers also ordered Lambda to stop distributing their magazine, Forum Lambda, during the event.
Gays Organize in Murmansk, Russia

Murmansk, Russia's first gay organization, The Circle, announced last week that it was officially registered by the regional Justice Department.

The group aims to protect the rights of gay people, help them adapt to life in a homophobic society, fight discrimination based on sexual orientation, educate the public on gay issues, and provide support to people with HIV.

Members hope to create a consulting center, phone hotline, magazine, and book and video libraries.

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For more information, e-mail or write Murmansk Regional Public Organization The Circle, P.O. Box 7033, Murmansk 183018, Russia.

Murmansk is located north of the Arctic Circle near the northern tip of Finland.

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