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Pride Marches in Lisbon,
Mexico City & Tel Aviv

60 Attend Sri Lankan Gay Conference

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

Pride Marches in Lisbon, Mexico City & Tel Aviv

pride99.gif - 14.28 K Lisbon, Portugal's third gay-pride festival attracted more than 10,000 people to City Hall Square June 26, organizers said.

Mayor J. Soares sent a message congratulating gay and lesbian organizations for their courage and assuring the community the city will always be on their side.

The festival ran through the night until 7 a.m.

In Mexico City June 26, 10,000 people marched. For the first time, the parade ended at the Zocalo, Mexico's central square and political heart.

"To take the Zocalo was a longtime desire made reality," said one of the organizing groups. "It was a political act ... that established historical proof that lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgendered people are a sector of society that demands changes. We made ourselves heard."

Subcomandante Marcos of Chiapas' Zapatista National Liberation Army sent a message which read, in part: "For a very long time, homosexuals, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals have had to live and to die concealing their difference, suffering persecution, contempt, humiliation, extortion, blackmail, insults, violence and assassinations in silence. ... For those who are present at this mobilization, you have our admiration for your courage and audacity to make yourselves seen and heard, for your proud, dignified and legitimate 'Enough Already!'"

In Tel Aviv, Israel, 10,000 people turned out for a parade, party and concert June 25.

The Jerusalem Post noted, "There seemed to be as many young heterosexual couples with children as homosexual couples."

Deputy Tel Aviv Mayor Michael Ro-eh told the newspaper: "I'm here to show my support. I don't think anyone should interfere with someone's decision to be a homosexual."

Mayor Ron Huldai was out of town.
60 Attend Sri Lankan Gay Conference

Sixty gay men attended Sri Lanka's second National Gay Conference in late June.

"It is remarkable that 60 gay men came out in the open and were willing to discuss openly their problems, fears and concerns," said Sherman De Rose of the organizing group, Companions on a Journey. "The consensus was that as an organization we should be more formalized."

The group's members have made contact with more than 900 fellow homosexuals by cruising malls and beaches. With funding from a Dutch foundation, they distribute rubbers and safe-sex information and offer counselling and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.

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Gay-male sex is banned in Sri Lanka under threat of 12 years in prison. Lesbian sex is not illegal.

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