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Namibian Court Grants Partner Rights

By Rex Wockner International News Report

gayafrica.jpg - 3.25 KNamibia's high court ruled June 25 that gay couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples.

Judge Harold Levy's decision came in the case of German lesbian Liz Frank who was fighting to stay in Namibia with her Namibian lover, Elizabeth Khaxas.

"Not only is this relationship recognized, but the [government] should have taken it into account," Levy ruled. "I have no hesitation in saying that the long-term relationship between the applicants in so far as it is a universal partnership, is recognized by law."

The ruling is seen as a major victory for the nation's nascent gay-rights movement, which has been aggressively denounced by government officials and President Sam Nujoma.

In May, Deputy Home Affairs Minister Jeremiah Nambinga said: "Homosexuality is evil, homosexuality is anti-social and should not only be condemned but should also be legislated against. Homosexuals are patients of psychological and biological deviations."

Last November, Home Affairs Minister Jerry Ekandjo told parliament: "Gay rights can never qualify as human rights. ... They should be classified as human wrongs which must rank as sin against society and God. I earnestly call upon homosexuals in Namibia to repent their wrongs."

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Namibian President Sam Nujoma has said: "Homosexuals must be condemned and rejected in our society. All necessary steps must be taken to combat all influences that are influencing us and our children in a negative way."

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