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Australians Picket 'Cure' Mongers

Compiled By GayToday

tasmania.gif - 5.48 K Hobart, Tasmania, Australia--Twenty members of the Tasmanian lesbian and gay community picketed a seminar here on Saturday June 19th. The seminar was being conducted by the Exodus Ministry, an organization which claims to "cure" homosexuals.

According to a spokesperson for the picket, Mr Nick Toonen, the American and Australian Psychological Associations have condemned the so called treatments used by organizations such as Exodus, as ineffective and destructive.

"The mish mash of pop psychology and Bible study which Exodus uses in its vain attempt to convert homosexuals into heterosexuals is not only useless, but can actually make life much harder for the vulnerable people who are sucked into these programs", Mr Toonen said.

"On the surface Exodus may appear to care about homosexual people, but in reality it is a supremacist organization which believes that homosexuality has no place in society."

"Reputable psychological organizations have condemned Exodus, and even the two men who founded the organization have since attacked it as misguided.

"The answer to the problems faced by the gay and lesbian community is an end to discrimination, and not fruitless attempts to turn us straight."

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Lesbian and gay protesters at the anti-Exodus picket carried placards declaring "Homophobia Destroys Families", and "Lesbian and Proud".

Following the picket an organizer of the Exodus seminar approached the protesters and arranged a meeting to discuss their concerns.

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