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Hong Kong to Celebrate First Pride Day

Turkey: A Second Conference in Ankara

By Rex Wockner
International News Reports

Hong Kong to Celebrate First Pride Day

hongkong.jpg - 6.94 K Hong Kong's first gay-pride day is set for June 18 as part of a two-week series of parties, seminars and movies.

Tongzhi Day ('tongzhi,' Cantonese for 'comrade,' has come to mean 'gay' or 'lesbian') will coincide with the Dragon Boat Festival which celebrates Chu dynasty poet and patriot Qu Yuan whose works were among the first to address gay issues, said the South China Morning Post.

"Traditional folklore attributed Qu's self-sacrifice to his love of country, but there has been a well-established literary theory that argues he was really driven by his love for the emperor," pride organizer Roddy Shaw Kwok-wah told the newspaper.

More than 20 gay and lesbian groups will participate in the pride events.
Turkey: A Gay/Lesbian
Conference in Ankara

One hundred eleven people turned out for the Second Gathering of Turkish Gays and Lesbians in late April in Ankara.

They came from Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Denili, Adana, Corum, Mersin, Hatay, Polatly, Bolu, Kars, Nazilli, Aydyn, Kayseri and Edirne. p>

A highlight of the conference was a picnic at Ipyk Mountain, participants said.

"Even though the socio-economic and the socio-cultural environments of these people were different from each other, playing together and entertaining from morning to evening not only created a cordial atmosphere but also hope for future gatherings of Turkish gays and lesbians," the organizing committee said.

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