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Nepali Lesbian Couple Punished

Gay Wedding Riles El Salvador

Buenos Aires Wants Gay-Friendly Teachers

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Nepali Lesbian Couple Punished

The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) is working to protect two young lesbians threatened by violence in rural Nepal.

On March 27, Maya T., 18, and Indira R., 17 were handed over to police of the Pathari Village Development Committee by their relatives as neighbors jeered the couple. According to IGLHRC, "At the station, the two reportedly told police, 'No one will separate us and no one will stop us from loving each other.'"

They were held for two days and released without charges on the condition they not see each other again. Their families have kept them apart since.

But IGLHRC says news of the relationship continues to rile neighbors and the women's "lives may be in danger."

The group calls for immediate protest letters to Basudev Bhattarai, Assistant Sub-Inspector, Pathari Biratnagar Police Office, Biratnagar, Nepal; and to the Hon. Mr. Girija Prasad Koirala, Prime Minister, Government Offices, Singha Durbar, Kathmandu, Nepal. Carbon-copy letters to these e-mail addresses:,,,,,,
Gay Wedding Riles El Salvador

Authorities in El Salvador are investigating a same-sex marriage that reportedly took place in May in the indigenous community of San Juan Nonualco 30 miles east of San Salvador.

"The investigation will determine whether there are crimes to punish," said Roberto Lopez of the Attorney General's office.

According to news reports, school teacher Christian Chirino, 32, married Rafael Herrera, 34, in a ceremony performed by an attorney.

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Buenos Aires Wants
Gay Friendly Teachers

Buenos Aires, Argentina, wants teachers to be more gay-supportive.

The city council unanimously passed a resolution May 11 urging the secretary of education to "implement specific actions of teacher training at all educational levels to eliminate attitudes and conduct that explain divergent sexual identities as illness, perversions or pathologies."

The council also suggested that classroom study on discrimination-related issues "include themes relevant to sexual minorities, for the purpose of eliminating homophobic conduct in our society."

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