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Canadian Youth at High Risk for Suicide

Hamburg Sets Up Partnership Registry

Photo Exhibit Nixed at Euro Parliament

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

Canadian Youth at High Risk for Suicide

canadamapnew.jpg - 10.24 K A University of British Columbia survey of 345 gay men age 18 to 30 has found they are 10 times more likely to have considered suicide than their heterosexual peers, and are more likely to have dropped out of school and to have been raped.

The research was conducted by Michael Botnick and presented at Canada's annual HIV/AIDS research conference.

"They live in a confused and hostile environment," Botnick told the Globe & Mail. "They grow up thinking they are deviant and may go to hell."

Forty-three percent of the men surveyed had considered killing themselves and 20 percent had actually tried to do so. Only 3.2 percent of straight North American male youth attempt suicide.

Among those who had tried to kill themselves, more than half had sex forced on them before age 18 and only about half had finished high school.
Hamburg Sets Up Partnership Registry

Hamburg, Germany, began a registry for gay and lesbian couples May 6.

Only residents of the city may register. Rights are granted in the areas of hospital visitation, public accommodations and housing.

The federal government has promised to introduce a national registered-partnership law by the end of the year to grant gay couples some of the rights and privileges of matrimony.

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A recent Forsa Institute survey found that Germans are divided on gay marriage. Of 1,004 persons questioned, 46 percent oppose gay marriage and 45 percent approve of it. Fifty-five percent of women favor gay marriage compared with only 35 percent of men.
Photo Exhibit Nixed at Euro Parliament

leatherjesus.gif - 19.87 K European Parliament officials May 4 cancelled an exhibit of Swedish photographer Elisabeth Ohlson's controversial show Ecce Homo, which, among other images, depicts Jesus and the apostles in drag and shows a nude, well-endowed Jesus being baptized.

The parliament is in Strasbourg, France.

Euro MP Pertti Paasio of Finland arranged the showing but then agonized about his decision and finally determined the photos would shock or insult some MPs, Swedish media reported.

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