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Australian High Court Judge Comes Out

South African High Court Judge
Says He Has AIDS

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

Australian High Court Judge Comes Out

justicekirby.jpg - 9.76 K Justice Kirby A judge who sits on Australia's top court came out last week by listing his partner of 30 years in the 1999 edition of Who's Who In Australia.

High Court Justice Michael Kirby made no further comment on the issue. According to the book entry, he and Johan van Vloten have been together since Feb. 11, 1969.

News reports called Kirby one of Australia's most respected legal thinkers.

Rodney Croome of the Australian Council for Lesbian and Gay Rights commented: "It's unprecedented that any judge in Australia should be honest and open about his homosexuality while still in office. He's a great humanitarian, a very hard worker and respected by people from all sectors of the community."

Croome added, "They've been together for almost as long as I've been alive."
South African High Court Judge
Says He Has AIDS

Openly gay South African High Court Judge Edwin Cameron revealed April 20 that he has AIDS.

He made the statement in an application for a seat on the nation's highest court, the Constitutional Court.

"I am living with AIDS," Cameron, 46, said. "The choice to speak is available to me ... because I have a job position that is secure; because I am surrounded by loved ones, friends and colleagues who support me; and because I have access to medical care.

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"For millions of South Africans living with HIV or AIDS these conditions do not exist. They have no jobs, or their jobs would be at risk if they spoke about their HIV. They not only lack community support, but face grave personal danger if they do so."

One-eighth of South Africa's 3.6 million residents is HIV- positive and 1,500 people are newly infected each day, government researchers have said.

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