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Argentina: Police & Neighbors
Terrorize Lesbian Center

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

buenosaires.jpg - 7.25 K Police and neighbors are terrorizing Buenos Aires' La Fulana Feminist Community Center for Women Who Love Women, the women report.

After complaining to police about "disturbing noises," "orgies," "naked parties," "weird people, even transvestites" and "immoral tortilla makers" (a derogatory term for lesbians), a group of neighbors pounded and kicked at the center's door last month and grabbed and beat a woman who responded. They claimed music coming from the center was too loud.

In another incident, a group of men gathered at the center's door and shouted things such as, "Damned tortilleras, we're going to fuck you all" while grabbing their crotches.

Finally, police raided the center in mid-March and removed all the audio equipment.

The center requests protest letters to the judge who authorized the raid: Sr. Juez Marcelo Vazquez, Juzgado Contravencional Nro. 2, Carlos Pellegrini 291, primer piso, 1331-Buenos Aires, Argentina. Send a copy to La Fulana, Venezuela 2080, 1096-Buenos Aires, Argentina. Phone/fax: 011-54-11-4942-6931.

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