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Voice of America Broadcasts Gay Cause to China

French National Assembly Approves Another Partner Bill

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

Voice of America Broadcasts
Gay Cause to China

Voice of America shortwave stations broadcast a 50-minute interview and call-in show on gay issues to the People's Republic of China March 24.

Longtime Washington, D.C., gay activist Frank Kameny was the guest. He answered questions from Chinese callers on everything from gay marriage and ex-gays to role-playing and the causes of homosexuality.
kamenychina.jpg - 13.23 K Often called "The Father of Gay Activist Militancy," Franklin Kameny once again made history when he broadcast a gay-positive message to China

VOA says tens of millions of Chinese listen to the program, called American Issues.
French National Assembly Approves Another Partner Bill

France's National Assembly again passed a measure April 7 to grant gay and unmarried straight couples many of the rights and obligations of matrimony.

The vote was 300-253. Deputies affiliated with the leftist government parties supported the bill while deputies from the opposition parties generally rejected it.

Under the measure, partners must support each other financially and be jointly liable for debts related to housing and living expenses. Spousal rights are accorded in areas such as social- security benefits, synchronized vacation time, immigration, taxation, inheritance and housing.

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A similar bill passed the Assembly last Dec. 9 but was rejected by the Senate March 18. The new measure now moves to the Senate.

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