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Malaysia's Sentencing
of Anwar Sparks Riots

Compiled By GayToday

Kuala Lampur—Protest riots erupted here as Malaysia's former Deputy Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim, accused of five counts of sodomy and of corruption was sentenced April 14 to six years in prison for corruption, following a lengthy and highly controversial trial. The sodomy charges have yet to be heard. malaysia1.gif - 4.99 K Anwar Ibrahim

Param Cumaraswamy, Malaysia's UN special rapportuer for the independence of judges and lawyers, said of the five and a half month trial that it has not brought "any credibility for the government of Malaysia."

Much of the trial has been conducted without any media presence.

Mr. Anwar, a one-time finance minister who says he is innocent of all charges, had called for the resignation of his former boss, Prime Minister Mathathir Mohamad, following his firing by Mathathir for having expressed disagreements over the nation's economic policies. Anwar had led 30,000 marchers on the capital city prior to his arrest.

As yet unsubstantiated charges that Anwar had had sexual relations with both women and men, have been heatedly denied by his wife who examined him following a severe beating that followed his arrest. Currently Mrs. Anwar heads a political opposition party working to unseat the current Prime Minister.

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When the verdict against Mr. Anwar was announced hundreds of his supporters marched on the courthouse with a banner that read: "Mathathir's Frame-Up—Anwar is Innocent!" Riot police charged the angry protesters waving their batons while the crowds hurled bottles and stones.

Observers from other lands, including the United States, expressed reservations about Anwar's Predicament. Among them is Philippine President Joseph Estrada who said he felt saddened by the verdict.

"There's a saying," said President Estrada, "that evil has its time but the good will always have its day…Perhaps the day will come when those who are putting (Anwar) down now will see the light."

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