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Belarus: Russian Orthodox Church Organizes Anti-Gays

Jerusalem Opens a Gay and Lesbian Community Center

Canada to Extend Same Sex Partners Survivor Pensions

India's Gays Form National Network

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

Belarus: Russian Orthodox Church Organizes Anti-Gays

gayorthodox.gif - 5.01 K An anti-gay conference in Minsk, Belarus, entitled "The Pernicious Consequences of International Projects of Sexual Education" was attended by numerous government officials March 11-12.

Organized by the nation's Russian Orthodox Church and the European Humanitarian University, the confab attracted, among others, the chairman of the Constitutional Court and the health minister.

According to local gay activists, "The participants of the conference condemned the practice of using condoms and of making abortions which were regarded as 'satanic influences.' Among the 'authors' of the 'pernicious' projects of sexual education [are] the World Health Organization, UNESCO and the UN."

Gays and lesbians were declared to be "perverts and criminals," activists reported, and one priest called for all homosexuals to "be executed on the electric chair."

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Jerusalem Gets a Gay and Lesbian Community Center

Jerusalem's first gay/lesbian center opened downtown March 18.

Orthodox gays, lesbian feminists, Arabs and secular Jews attended the ceremony, organizers said.

"This is a step out of the closet for Jerusalem's gay and lesbian community," said Jerry Levinson, one of the facility's founders.

"We are not intimidated by the city's intolerance; rather, we intend to change this. Every gay and lesbian person in the Jerusalem area will find a safe and welcoming haven at the center.

"It will serve lesbian settlers from the occupied territories, gay teenagers from area high schools, Haredi Jews from ultra-orthodox neighborhoods like Me'a She'arim, university students, Arabs from East Jerusalem and persons of every faith."

Among the center's projects are a phone info line, study and support groups for religious gays, a gay youth group, an anonymous HIV testing center, an Amnesty International cell, and a speakers' bureau.
Canada to Extend Same Partners Sex Survivor Pensions

gaycanada.gif - 9.62 K The Canadian government will introduce in Parliament this month a plan to extend survivor pensions to same-sex partners of government employees.

In addition to bureaucrats, the plan will cover members of the armed forces and persons who work for government corporations, such as railroads.

Polls show Canadians support equal workplace benefits for gays by a large margin.
India's Gays Form National Network

Gays in India formed a national network -- called LGBT India -- at the Second Indian National Gay Conference held last month in Hyderabad.

"This was necessary as networking at the personal level leaves a lot to chance and to personal likes and dislikes," said spokesman Ashok Row Kavi.

The group will create a "pink digest of friendly doctors, psychiatrists, hotels, STD clinics, HIV testing centers, ayurvedic and Unani practitioners and sympathetic religious leaders in every city where visible gay groups exist," Kavi said.

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