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Brazilian Archbishop Compares
Gay Lovemaking to Murder

By Ernest S. Barteldes
Special from Brazil to GayToday

brazilcross.gif - 5.41 K Fortaleza,Brazil – In an interview published by O Povo the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Fortaleza, D. José Antonio (previously auxiliary bishop of Salvador, Bahia) declared that same-sex preference is no virtue, but is "a failure of human nature."

This statement, which, strangely, became the paper's headline in a broad interview about other matters, came after the paper's reporter inquired about Pope John Paul II's refusal to include Roman Catholic persecution against homosexuals in last week's Vatican mea culpa.

According to the Archbishop, same-sex preference is a human failure just as is any resort to violence, homicide or other "deformations." The Archbishop acknowledged that many kinds of oppressed peoples have been ignored over the years. However, he said, the Roman Catholic Church should not beg forgiveness from homosexuals nor should it consider a homosexual's preference as something natural, "which, in fact, it is not."

Asked how he regarded persons who experience same-sex love and who are still active in the church, he answered that "disorganized tendencies are the fruit of sin."

"Salvation", he stated, "is the call for conversion and to the transformation of people. To an assassin who realizes his failures, conversion means renouncing such tendencies and struggling to get rid of them, and to receive the forgiveness and love of God."

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The newspaper's reporter inquired if comparing homicide to homosexualism wouldn't be sheer religious intolerance, to which the archbishop replied that "a tendency is one thing, and its practice is another. A human being might have homicidal tendencies but never murder anyone, just as someone else might have homosexual tendencies without ever putting them into practice."

"All are invited and embraced by God's mercy," he stated, and "all are called for conversion."

The interview concluded with a focus on other issues of local and national importance.

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