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Brazilian Skinheads Convicted
in Anti-Gay Murder

Korean Gays Organize

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

Brazilian Skinheads
Convicted in Anti-Gay Murder

rio.jpg - 12.40 K Two Sao Paulo, Brazil, skinheads who participated in a mob attack that killed a gay man were sentenced to 21 years in prison February 16. Sixteen other defendants remain to stand trial.

Shouting anti-gay epithets, the group attacked Edson Neris Da Silva, a 35-year-old dog trainer, and his companion a year ago in downtown's Republic Plaza where the two men were holding hands.

The companion escaped but Da Silva was beaten with brass knuckles and chains and kicked with steel-toed boots. He died a short while later at a hospital.

The trial was Brazil's first related to a hate crime.

According to activist records, more than 1,600 homosexuals and transvestites have been murdered in Brazil in the past 11 years because of their sexuality.
Korean Gays Organize

Korean gays are moving away from the underground scene and starting clubs, cafes and Internet groups across the country, the Korea Herald reported February 11.

At least 30 universities now have gay groups, the newspaper said, including Seoul National University, Yonsei University and Pusan University.

"Some 20 gay cafes and pubs dot Itaewon alone," the paper said. "Others are popping up in Shinchon and Hongdae, Inchon, Anyang, Ansan. The Kyongsang and Cholla provinces and even remote Cheju Island have establishments for gays."

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