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College Paper Covers Bush Protest Ignored by Corporate Media

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Columbus, Ohio—During Mr. George W. Bush's first post-Inaugural visit to Ohio Tuesday, both he and his handlers had hoped to attract attention to his controversial educational proposals, seeking photo opportunities among school children here. In spite of its unrelenting anti-Clinton drum beat, corporate media managed to squeeze in a few such Bush-friendly moments.

Mr. Bush spoke at Sullivant Elementary. Corporate-owned news outlets focused on the non-controversial interior of the schoolroom he visited, but chose to omit the more telling drama that was transpiring directly outside the school.

There, 150 angry Buckeye protestors shouted at Mr. Bush: “Hail to the Thief!” and “Thou Shalt Not Steal!”.

Although this seemingly spontaneous uprising occurred in quintessential Middle American territory, corporate-owned American media ignored the protesters. Ohio State's college newspaper, The Lantern, however, made the anti-Bush protest its front page banner headline, including a photograph of the demonstration taking place on a wintry Columbus street.

Students from Ohio State, according to The Lantern's article, were among the protesters. The print version of the Ohio State Lantern, first published in 1881, is one of the oldest newspapers in Ohio.

In academic circles elsewhere, the number of law professors signing a joint statement condemning the December U.S. Supreme Court decision that reputedly made Mr. Bush president grew from 554 in mid-January to a current 673, a gain of 119 during the past month alone. Corporate media has virtually ignored this significant development as well.

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When questioned as to why her paper had deliberately ignored the law professors' hard-hitting statement, although it had immediately been made known to her, the assistant managing editor of Florida Today, a Gannett newspaper, replied: “Oh well, we decided to pass on that. After all, its over.”

Another campus-area demonstration receiving no deserved mention in corporate media took place in Texas last week at Southern Methodist University where U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was greeted by an angry group of demonstrators accusing him of an unseemly political partisanship meant to spawn the current illegitimate presidency.

In January, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Willliam Rehnquist had been greeted by a similar unheralded protest in Tucson, Arizona. The protesters, who were mentioned in local media only, numbered 250.

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