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Zimbabwe's Former
President Sentenced to Jail

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

Former Zimbabwean President Canaan Banana, 63, was sentenced to prison with labor January 18 on 11 counts of forcing himself sexually on aides, bodyguards, a cook and a gardener.

Most of the 10-year sentence was suspended but Banana may spend at least one year behind bars. He was also fined about $15,000 which will be given to one of his victims--a policeman who is in prison for murdering another cop who called him "Banana's wife"-- and to the family of the murdered cop.
zimbabwe2.gif - 13.44 K Former President Canaan Banana (left) and President Robert Mugabe

Banana was convicted of indecent assault, sodomy and committing an unnatural act. He claims the charges were fabricated following rumors he was planning a political comeback that could have challenged the rule of vehemently anti-gay President Robert Mugabe.

The jailed policeman, Jefta Dube, testified that Banana forced him into a three-year sexual relationship from 1984-1986. In the first assault, Dube said, he was drugged and woke up naked with a smiling Banana saying, "We helped ourselves."

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Other victims described a scenario in which Banana would ask them to play cards, offer them a drink, put on music, insist on teaching them to dance, then kiss and fondle them while dancing.

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