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Tuesday, 20 January 1998


10,000 Bumperstickers : "Anywhere but the Caymans—Boycott Bigotry!"
Miami TV Affiliates for NBC, FOX, CBS cover Bob Kunst Petitions

By Jack Nichols


Responding to a now-famous quote by the Cayman Islands Tourism Minister, Thomas Jefferson, that gay males can't be relied rely upon to uphold the standards of appropriate behavior expected of visitors to the Cayman Islands, Miami's indefatigable gay activist, Bob Kunst, has, once again, thrown down the gauntlet.

He is printing 10,000 bumperstickers that read: "Anywhere but the Caymans---Boycott Bigotry!"

"Our international boycott of the Caymans must be swift and visible to nip this policy in the bud," Kunst told GayToday, "and send not only the Caymans but every nation, city, congress and parliament the message that we're not expendable nor will we be silent."

Last week Kunst was shown on both NBC and Fox TV affiliates in Miami. Monday, he appeared on the CBS affiliate, and again on Fox, as well as on Planet Radio (a one hour interview) and for three hours on WPTL- talk radio.

"People in this industry are angry from travel agents to promoters to airline personnel and especially cruise ship folks," Kunst told news and talk-show moderators. Its "super" Kunst believes, that the Cayman issue has been given as much attention as it has, considering that the Pope's impending visit to Cuba dominates the current news watch.

Sunday at noon Kunst and others passed out boycott literature and collected signatures along Miami Beach, while TV cameramen recorded the action. "Our impact has been terriffic," he says, "as expressed by all those willing to sign up."

In a letter to Cayman Tourism Minister Jefferson, Kunst said he'd heard several people repeat rumors that the tourism chief's own brother is gay. He explained that just as the Pope's gay aide, Enrico Sini Luzi, murdered January 7 because of a homophobic climate created by church doctrines, just as surely do Cayman tourist doctrines incite violence against gays.

Florida's colorful bar guide, Hot Spots, also reported on Kunst's boycotting activities. He was quoted in that magazine blasting the Cayman Islands as "the International Capital of Money Laundering with drugs and G-d knows what, let alone allowing turtles to be destroyed."

"Now," Kunst continued, "if the public will just take its monies away from these bigots and hypocrites the message will be clear" elsewhere too.

Persons interested in contributing their efforts to the Cayman boycott are needed, says the Oral Majority firebrand. He allows there's much to be done to invigorate such efforts. Kunst invites those interested in being part of an organized effort to call (305) 864-5110.

He also suggests meeting with his group on January 30, 1998, at Pier 1, at Port of Miami to show solidarity with the Gay Cruise at 3 p.m.

Or, he says, VOICE YOUR PROTEST to

  • A.Cayman Islands Minister of Tourism: Thomas Jefferson, Telephones: (345) 949-0623 or (345) 949-8090. Faxes: (345) 949-0220 or (345) 949-4053.
  • B.Cayman Wire Service: (305) 858-5101 Fax: (305) 443-9698

  • C.Cayman Airways: (305) 526-3059, Fax: (305) 871-1457

  • D.Cayman Tourist Offices: Miami (305) 266-2300; Atlanta (404) 521-6688; Tampa (813) 343-2563; Baltimore (301) 767-8955; Boston (617) 431-7401; Chicago (847) 678-6446; Dallas (214) 972-3540; Houston (713) 461-1317.

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