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Malaysia: Anwar Launches Police Brutality Suit

Doubts Cast on Prime Minister's Sodomy Case Against Him

By Corrine Hicks

malaysia4.gif - 20.23 K Kuala Lumpur—A civil lawsuit has been filed against Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad—who has been in power for 17 years-- by his popular rival, former Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim. The suit asks damages from the Prime Minister and his policemen lackeys in the wake of an admission by Malaysia's Inspector General of Police that Anwar had, in fact, been beaten unconscious following his arrest for alleged infractions—involving sodomy and adultery-- of the country's antiquated "illegal sex" laws.

Anwar's wife, a physician, had examined him initially, complaining at the trial's beginning that her beleaguered husband had sustained eye damage in the illegal police assault on him after his questionable arrest for having had sexual relations with his aides, a charge much doubted by Anwar's many Malaysian supporters. In the intervening months, Malaysia has been riveted by the sketchy details seeping out of the former Deputy Prime Minister's cloistered trial.
Last September, Malaysia's current Prime Minister, unhappy with the high esteem in which his former Deputy was held and smarting over their political differences, had overseen his arrest for so-called sexual misconduct.

Two of Anwar's aides, reputedly the objects of his sexual desires, were also arrested. Under heavy police pressure, they confessed to having had sexual relations with Anwar but later recanted their confessions.

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The Malaysian government initially denied Anwar's claims of police brutality but the claims were sustained last week when Abdul Rahim Noor resigned from his post as Inspector General of Police, saying—after the country's Attorney General uncovered the brutality-- that he was responsible for having sanctioned the beating that was given Anwar.

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad is also Minister of Home Affairs and as such he is deemed responsible for police actions. Anwar's suit, therefore, names the Minister of Home Affairs, the former Inspector General of Police and the Malaysian government for injuries suffered and asks for "aggravated and exemplary damages." Who actually beat Anwar reportedly remains unknown.

Anwar's lawyer, Karpal Singh, insisted on state accountability, saying: "The Attorney General has to charge those responsible for the assault, however high they may be."

When initial reports of police brutality surfaced, Malaysia's Prime Minister insinuated—not-so-cleverly-- that Anwar's wounds had been self-inflicted to win public sympathy. Attorney Karpel Singh suggested that the Prime Minister should now think seriously –because of his "reckless words"--about quitting his post.

Attempts by Anwar's lawyer to release him on bail while his trial is in progress have been rebuffed. Critics across Malaysia have called for an independent investigation into police misconduct. Anwar's lawyer, addressing the admission of the former chief of police, said, "If he is responsible then he should be booked, and the sooner the better." malaysia1.gif - 4.99 K Anwar Ibrahim

The Anwar suit asks for approximately 2 million ringgit (Malaysian currency.)

In the meantime Anwar continues his defense in a legal struggle wherein he has been charged with 10 counts of abusing his power to cover up illegal sexual activities, charges he says are part of Prime Minister Mahathir's political conspiracy to prevent his challenging his former boss' 17-year rule.

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