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South Africa:
Cape Town Courts Pink Money

Gays Organize in San Luis Potosi

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

South Africa: Cape Town Courts Pink Money

ctownpink.gif - 17.95 K Cape Town, South Africa, wants your gay money.

"Cape Town is the gay capital of Africa and we hope that some day it will become the gay capital of the world," says Sheryl Ozinsky, manager of Cape Town Tourism.

"We are going all out to attract the pink rand to Cape Town. We believe it not only has economic benefits, but gay people also make an exciting and refreshing contribution to the city at large."

The tourism agency has published an official gay map showing gay bars, accommodations, massage parlors, retail outlets and the rest.

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Mexico: Gays Organize in San Luis Potosi

mexicomap.gif - 2.50 K The first-ever gay group has come into existence in the city of San Luis Potosi, Mexico, 258 miles north of Mexico City in the state of the same name.

Fourteen people gathered at Sheik Disco Bar in late November to hear a talk by Tijuana gay leader Alejandro Garcia. By the end of the evening, they had formed an association and named Jorge Ivone their interim coordinator.

A board of directors will be selected once group members get to know each other better, they decided.

"The gay/lesbian community of San Luis Potosi now has grown enough to begin to be aware that they are a community," said Garcia.

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