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Gay Muslim Web Site Opened in Asia

Compiled by GayToday

gaymuslims.jpg - 12.89 K Sulayman X, a gay Muslim journalist based in Asia operates a web site which he calls Queer Jihad (Queer Holy War) at Queer Jihad

"While other major religions have been coming to grips with homosexuality, or least trying to," says Sulayman X, " Islam is far behind."

He hopes, he says, that gay publications worldwide will consider covering the lives of gay Muslims today.

Current conditions could hardly be worse, he writes.

Homosexuality and/or homosexual sex is punishable by whipping, jailing or death in some Muslim countries, especially Iran and Afghanistan.

Islam is fiercely homophobic and considers marriage and procreation the only acceptable 'lifestyle'. Sulayman X laments that those who go beyond these boundaries are shunned, shamed or driven away from families, mosques and communities.

The Prophet Muhammad is reported to have said (in the Hadith or 'Sayings') the following:

"If you come across men doing as Lut's people did (the prophet Lot from the Old Testament, in Sodom and Gomorrah) kill the one who's doing it, and kill the one it's being done to"

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"You should kill homosexuals wherever you find them."

"Homosexuals should be thrown off the tops of high buildings or cliffs"

"You should drive them (effeminate men or masculine women) from your homes and families."

Gay and lesbian Muslims live under tremendous fear, pressures to conform, and not a little confusion, according to Sulayman X. They are "forced into double lives in order to remain with families, often frustrated and tortured by a sexuality they dare not speak openly about."

"Please don't take my word for any of this," he says. He suggests perusal of a 'Comments' page on his web site where he has compiled correspondence covering a two year period from Muslims far and wide.

"You may be surprised at the fangs-bared hatred you will find there," he notes. " I've lost track of the number of death threats I've received."

A handful of gay Muslims have been working to change their outcast status. Sulayman X's web site, the first of its kind, remains the world's most widely visited.

New York-based Muslims founded Al-Fatiha, an organization for Muslims in the U.S., which has thus far staged two successful conferences.

A London conference has been planned in May.
Queer Jihad:

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