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'Impeach the GOP'
Bumper Stickers & Buttons Sell

Miami Activist Bob Kunst Turns Out Thousands

Compiled By GayToday

imgopbut.gif - 17.24 KMiami's gay activist, Bob Kunst, has manufactured multi-colored bumper stickers and buttons that read "Impeach the GOP" and is making them available both in mass quantities and for individuals.

"Today we face an extremist GOPer gang, willing to take this country down to 'get Clinton'," announces Kunst on a special Web page set up to accommodate button and bumper sticker sales.

"They are willing to betray the Constitution and the American people and every law in the book and this is why 73% of the public are against this outrage."

Kunst says the GOP believes most voters will "forget about it by the year 2000. Let's show them that they are Wrong!"

"Election Day 2000 is the time to send the message to the Republican Party that the vast majority of people want a government that cares about the welfare of the people," insists the indefatigable activist. He says he believes that there are now many millions who oppose GOP mud-slingers in the U.S. Congress, politicians who crucify people who oppose their hypocritical, moralistic, sex-obsessed crusade.

"We are going to capture and channel this public anger against the GOP's dreadful and hateful politics," promises Kunst, who, in 1977, effectively belittled orange juice matron Anita Bryant in a nationally televised debate, "and we are going to flood this nation with our 'Impeach the GOP' buttons and bumper stickers, and insure a peaceful revolution at the ballot box. This movement of visibility will encourage massive voter registration, to throw out everyone who did vote for 'impeachment', as well as those who would support it today on any other political level.

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"To remain silent in these dangerous times would send the extremists the wrong message. We have no intention of letting them off the hook!" says Kunst.

The activist hopes to see the buttons go onto "lapels, purses, school packs, clothing, hats and everywhere possible...." to undermine the Republican Party's impact and create doubt as to its power and influence."

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The buttons and bumper stickers are white on red backgrounds, and are selling for $2 each to individuals. Larger quantities are available at graduated prices for distribution by groups and businesses. Proceeds will go to further the Miami-based anti-GOP crusade.

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