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Action Alert: Gay Parents' Kids Seized in London

Compiled by GayToday

London, England--According to Sunday's Reuters, a gay British coupleŚ Barrie Drewitt, 30, and Tony Barlow, 35 --on returning from the U.S., were stopped at the U.K. border (Heathrow Airport) and their babies taken away for over an hour. (Below are email addresses for you to help.)

The U.K. is refusing to grant British citizenship to the children, because the parents are gay and therefore not legally married, even though they are the biological children of one of the partners and both men are named on the U.S. birth certificates as the legal parents.

The children were finally returned to the parents, but their U.S. passports confiscated, and their future uncertain. The couple is appealing to Prime Minister Tony Blair and Home Secretary Jack Straw for help.

As a positive way to start the new millenium, can everyone please send a quick email to Prime Minister Blair, Secretary Straw, and the Parliamentary Ombudsman (another person who may be able to intervene).

What to Tell British Authorities

Tell them that you heard about the British government's mistreatment of Barrie Drewitt and Tony Barlow, and their refusal to recognize the legal and biological children of gay parents.

Ask them, politely but firmly, to do the right thing and respect the human rights of these children and their parents by granting them immediately British citizenship, and fixing the immigration regulations once and for all. (And don't forget to include your name and address at the bottom of the message). And if you can ask some friends to send emails too, I really think it would help.

You may recall that a previous case, in which the gay bombing victims of a gay pub bombing were not compensated by the government, while straight victims were, got resolved after much international gay outcry. We can make a difference, and what a great way to start the New Year.

Email Tony Blair:

Email Home Office Secretary Jack Straw:

Email Parliamentary Ombudsman Michael Buckley:

The following email addresses will automatically fax your email:

Auto-Fax Via Email to Tony Blair

Auto-Fax Via Email to Jack Straw

Auto-Fax Via Email to Michael Buckley

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