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Salvadoran Gay Group
Mysteriously Targeted

By Rex Wockner
International News Report

elsalvadorgun.jpg - 7.39 K The office of the San Salvador, El Salvador, gay group Entre Amigos (Among Friends) has been burglarized twice in the past two months. Electronics, cash and the membership list were stolen and the wires to the alarm system were cut.

The breakins follow discovery last year that the group's telephones and e-mail system were tapped.

According to the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission: "Activists suspect that the attacks were not the work of ordinary criminals. Costly equipment that could be easily transported was not touched by the intruders, who focused their attention on items of doubtful commercial but potentially high political value, such as member lists.

"Activists regard the crimes as designed to make it more difficult for them to communicate, particularly with organizations abroad -- and as designed to intimidate and infringe the confidentiality of the marginalized communities whom the organization defends," IGLHRC said.

Entre Amigos members are taking turns guarding the premises at night and have written to the National Civil Police demanding protection.

IGLHRC asks that letters be sent to Salvadoran authorities supporting the organization's demand for protection. For details, contact:

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