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Falwell's Fears & Hates

By Bob Kunst

For 23 years Jerry Falwell has used gay men and lesbians as Hitler used Jews, to whip up imaginary fears, begging for funds by pretending to fight off supposed gay takeovers.
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Serving as Ronald Reagan's de facto archbishop, Falwell's insistence AIDS was God's punishment for homosexuals criminally slowed officialdom's reactions to an emergency health crisis. He remained smug as 500,000 Americans lost their lives and he helped fuel world impotence in the face of 100 million infections.

The blood on Falwell's hands isn't any different from that on the hands of Nazi war criminals responsible for the Holocaust.

This is why I protested at Lynchburg saying I wouldn't sit at the same table with Falwell, let alone crawl to him , betraying, as the gay Reverend Mel White has done, all of Falwell's victims by staging a sham to rescue Falwell's faltering public image and to help him pursue his shameless scams. Mel White, hawking his own cultish two-step, is like a Nazi-Falwell collaborator.

This is the same Falwell who, on the Today Show (10/24/99) anointed White the 'titular head of the Gay and Lesbian Movement'. One dirty hand washed the other.

This is the same White who took electric shocks and 25 years of anti-gay therapy; who ghostwrote for Falwell, Pat Robertson, Ollie North, ad nauseum. Falwell had then joined my Miami opponent, the hysterical Anita Bryant, equating Gay Love with necrophilia and bestiality.

Mel White's exploitation of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. betrays all former non-violent gay attempts to defeat Bryant, Falwell, et al. These gay attempts have succeeded since 1977 when Oral Majority garnered 92,000 Dade County votes against Bryant and Falwell.

In 1978, we collected 18,000 signatures, forcing full equality and getting 142,000 votes but were forced to collect 40,000 more signatures and were then denied ballot status. In 1980, we won a state-wide privacy rights constitutional amendment, receiving 1,723,000 votes or 60% of the electorate. Voters in Dade County then gave us 262,000 or 62% support. In 1998 we won a state-wide constitutional amendment Declaration of Rights with two-and-a-half million votes, or 70%.

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Non-violence in action.

In Volusia County, February 1999, the Oral Majority co-sponsored an "Impeach the GOP" rally of 500. We've done 37 events this year and over 400 media interviews to help end the GOP's stranglehold in 2000.

On November 2, 1999, in Volusia County, 14 Democrats were elected. Only one Republican won. Two others were defeated by Independents.

Thus we've proven that Falwell is in the minority. Seventy percent of the American people oppose Falwellian-style sexual witch hunts.

melwhite.jpg - 6.24 K The Rev. Mel White I hold Falwell responsible for his long 'war against gays', one he'd already lost to Tinky Winky. Mel White has helped him try to look reasonable. I'm charging Mel White with self-serving treason.

Who can listen with trust when Falwell calls President Clinton a drug dealer or murderer; says the anti-Christ is a living male Jew; when his magazine obsesses Tinky-Winky's gay? His strategic 'apologies' must fall on deaf ears. He tells vicious lies and then backtracks when it becomes expedient.

Falwell was drowning in his own foolishness and needed gay religionists' support so White resurrected his own career by playing up Falwell's redemption to the media.

Falwell's Armageddon games justify his doomsday 'prophecies', while we, who have hope for this world, do love our fellow men, cherish freedom, enjoy multiple choice and spontaneity, are creative and are helping everyone, we are the objects of Falwell's intolerance.

Many sincere Christians perceive that Falwell is in conflict with what they know to be true. Falwell's our "wanted" poster that is helping bring down the GOP's Right Wing in 2000.

We've won the Cultural War with most of the public willing to support equal rights for same-sex lovers. The issue is and has always been 'taxation with representation'.

Following his meeting with White, Falwell's afterword titled "Why I Did It" called me a "sinner" and "dangerous". I see myself instead as a "lover" and as "effective". This is why G-d, Tinky-Winky and 9 women gathered with me in Lynchburg, to rally believers in those divine twins: love and freedom.

People who attack others' sexuality are least secure with their own. They mask it with quotes from "Romans" to justify their homophobia, as they did justifying racism and anti-Semitism. It's the same old sad disease mixed this time with Falwell's fundraising greed.

Yours Faithfully,
Bob Kunst, President
Oral Majority
Telephone: (305) 864-5110

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