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Ranting About The Media:

Fascists Trying to Keep It Up

By Bob Kunst
Executive Director, The Oral Majority

"What, for example, could be more exquisitely trivial than the questions we now hear about the President's body language? You noticed, of course, that while walking to a helicopter his hand was not held by Mrs. Clinton's, but by his daughter.

"You know what this means, if it means anything, and whether it means anything or not the media insist that you put down your coffee and ponder it. There may be clues in this hand matter, clues about Mrs. Clinton's emotions.

"On the other hand, there may not be clues, but that's important too, isn't it?"

Russell Baker, The New York Times, August 21

The media: a best friend or a worst enemy?

It decides what's really news, then shades the character of that news to report it.

Supporting crass advertisers, increasing circulation, forever peeping, peeping, no matter whose privacy gets invaded.
kunst.jpg - 16.58 K Bob Kunst

The media: more arrogant than even Clinton or the GOPers might imagine, it controls the country. It also controls the national economy while validating / excusing its disruptive profiteering agendas.

So-called experts shove greed-motivated, self-serving pieties down the nation's throat, manipulating events to serve tired money-making schemes.

Meanwhile the Republican party's leadership indulges itself in an unprecedented orgy of gay bashing , spreading vicious lies. But during this orgy has the media even thought to make some of the more obvious connections? Does it link up Republican and Christian Reich gay bashers with the anti-sexual prurience of prudes who now circle around Bill Clinton hoping to destroy him?

Why is it OK for Senator Trent Lott to equate gay/lesbian love-making with "kleptomania"? It may seem to some in the media to be a funny equation, except that this Bible-thumping lawmaker, acting as a lawbreaker, deliberately dishonors his oath of office, one that promises taxation with representation. Such representation should include gays, bisexuals and heterosexuals, all equal under the law. But it doesn't.

Must it remain okay for the media to help such GOP slime-spreaders to discriminate against citizens, violating U.S. Constitutional protections? It would so appear. Its now OK too for MSNBC to hound Bill Clinton without cease while ignoring the plights of gays and lesbians who are also under siege in the Great Anti-Sex Attack of 1998. Its now OK for Republican peeping toms to enjoy carte blanche, to complain ad nauseum about Clinton's earlier 'lie' as he struggled to protect his reputation and his family's feelings from the machinations of these sex-snoops.

Now Clinton knows the true meaning of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Don't Persue.

kenstarr.jpg - 8.35 KSeventy percent of the American public says it wants the reportage occasioned by Kenneth W. Starr's sex-investigators to end. But it won't. GOP sympathizers in the media and GOP puppets in the KKKOngress won't allow their legions of 'experts' 'strategists', pundits, and pushers, to let up. Sex prudery in America is the only potent weapon they think they've got. In the meantime, sexual fascism blinds The United States to far greater dangers than Clinton's private sex life could ever pose.

The stench of the media's hypocrisy is now odorous at all levels. Enemies at home and abroad strike terror into U.S. compounds while bodycounts rise. The media, in the meantime, can't take its naked eye off Monica's stained dress.

Even sleazier than its own journalistic tirades against Clinton , the New York Times colludes with Kenneth W. Starr, printing his illegal leaks. While most of the Times' pundits— Dowd, Friedman, Mink, and even Rich provide us with overdoses of their pious moralities, Starr's law-breaking leaks provide them with their haughty poses. Privacy protections bite the dust as if taps used to entrap were the honorable route leading to a perpetual flow of bile, flitting forever across our TV screens and newspaper pages.

But of course, the media wants us to think it has 'principles'. Its anti-privacy promos pass corporate muster. Puritanism is taken for granted. These "news folk" are like that other Gestapo that everyone treated as a joke till it was far too late.

So here's the sorry State of the Planet: Islamic terrorists poised to bring their Jihad to all of America and to Jews and others, the Kenyan and Tanzanian terrorist bombings marking only the early stages of a long, painful struggle.

Then there's that massive rise in Neo Nazism across Europe (50,000 new Nazi attacks in Germany alone since reunification) and at Auschwitz: fast food outlets like McDonald's and 'crosses' right where Jewish children were burned alive only a few decades ago.

A major French magazine calls for 'concentration camps' for 'immigrants'. Then there's the incessant Christian Reich that promotes sexual fascism in the U.S., led by the Republican Party, its schemes helped along by the media toward a Millennium countdown to Armageddon.

Of course none of this matters to any journalist's conscience that's obsessed with Clinton's orgasms, bent on saturating the nation with his or her sex-hysteria. All that matters to such an outraged journalist is the destruction of Clinton and of the Democrats. Both of the major political parties, not to mention the media, seek only partisan gain. The nation, naturally, suffers.

clinton.gif - 11.79 K Washington D.C. is talking to itself as if nothing else mattered. It's as if while national and international tragedies loom TV newsmen and staff reporters want only to report the semen-stained details, energized most when occasions for the worst occur. Otherwise impotent, it appears, only rousing sex scandals keep the media's private gains rising upward. Clinton's private life has become a kind of Media Viagra. Therefore, it seems, there perhaps can be no end to this soap opera over which it wants us to salivate forever.

The media would have to invent sex scandals if they didn't exist, financial pressures to perform being what they are. It could—G-d knows-- focus on more significant national issues and perhaps even a few actual dangers to the planet. But instead it minimizes these dangers all, pushing titillation on us, cloaking it under Republican jargon, insisting its 'perjury', not sex that's behind its penis-envying presidential focus.

This predatory press has no standards. Its practitioners are more base than Clinton by far. This media delights in showing how even a President can be taken down by anti-sexual crusading, no matter the damage to the nation or to the American people.

Why? The media, its polls aside, has no real interest in listening to the American people. Its big business-controlled gofers prefer to be dictators instead. In these very dangerous times, will any media voice come forward to stand against this tidal wave of negativity in which editorial rooms wallow? Can any newspaper chain or TV network be trusted, anymore than KKKongress? Anymore than Clinton?

What's so galling is that these pontificators are the worst of the persecutors, the worst of the Nazis. Our 'oh so moral' and 'holier-than-thou' press has turned the 'paparazzi' into an angelic choir of parrots chanting sexual outrage instead of reporting on the state of the real world.

Oh America, thanks to The Media, you are in deep doo doo.

Who is lower than the low? The media or our hired politicians? Who deserves reputations to bypass those of hated lawyers or deceitful used car salesmen?

The media: so much power and so little class, so incredibly wasteful and wanton. Clinton is a paragon of virtue by comparison.

What motivates Republican leaders and their hired guns in the media? I'll tell you: its their lack of emotional and sexual security. As long as they perpetuate anti-sex games, awash in silly sex-revelations who, pray, are the real culprits?

While the media doesn't care, any more than the politicians do, it has certainly blown its credibility with the American people.

Does it not seem now to be an appropriate time to turn on the whole lousy bunch? Who will stand up and be counted? Who will oppose the sex-negative innuendo they keep shoving into us like the vulgar rapists they are, violating the nation's collective consciousness, a crime for which they ought to be prosecuted.

kunst2.jpg - 18.45 K The always eccentric Bob Kunst So America, we have the Islamic terrorists, the Nazis, the Christian Reich, the Republican sexual witchhunters and gay-bashers all aided and abetted by The Media—its puppets and promoters. Violence and chaos go unheeded and crisis issues—issues that mean our very survival--are purposely ignored. Thanks to the media, we struggle daily with the insanity it creates. Got the picture now?

It doesn't take a Village to make these many idiots, or does it?
Bob Kunst is President of the Oral Majority E-Mail:
Telephone: 305-864-5110

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