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Monday, 20 April 1998

"George, we believed in you yesterday, and we believe in you today"

-- a message posted to a fan website the day after the arrest

By Tara Akinlose


Singer George Michael made headlines more than a week ago after his arrest in a Beverly Hills Park for committing a 'lewd act' and has drawn even more attention to himself after openly admitting a few days ago that he is gay and has not been with a woman in nearly ten years.

In an interview with CNN, the singer stated, "The greatest misconception of this week is that I've had the most hellish well I'm not saying it's been a good time, but it has not been the worst time in my life by any means. It's been humiliating, embarrassing funny to some degree but I'm reading reports coming back from London that I laid awake crying and was devastated and this and that. And the truth was I laid awake quite angry at the situation."

Michael has a May 5 court date.

George Michael burst onto the international music scene in 1982 as a part of the group Wham!.

The group had several hits such as 'Careless Whisper', 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go', and 'Last Christmas', before disbanding in 1986.

Michael then went onto a successful solo career that include the 10 million selling album, Faith.

The nineties proved to be turbulent time for the pop sensation. An unsuccessful battle with his record company, Sony, the death of his lover, Anselmo Felappa, as well as the death of his mother, Leslie Panayiotou, have left the singer distraught, and in his own words, reckless.

"I feel reckless and weak for having allowed my sexuality to be exposed this way, but I don't feel any shame whatsoever.", he replied when asked why he felt he had to open up a private part of his life.

"I mean I could've tried to put any number of angles on this tonight, but ultimately at the end of the day I'm not ashamed, I'm just pissed with myself for having been so stupid," he added.

When asked was it a difficult decision for him to come out publicly about being gay, he said, "No. I knew I was going to do this from the moment I was arrested. Absolutely, I knew that this was the only way to go. I've seen too many people run away from situations like this and I'm thinking 'just go on TV; you're a human being, just go on TV and get it sorted out as quickly as possible' ".

While some are saying the singer's career could take a nosedive, Michael's fans are behind him 100%. There are dozens of supportive messages , not including a backlog of three hundred more e-mails not yet on the site from fans supporting the singer, are posted at the George Michael FAQ, a well organized fan site featuring frequently asked asked questions about the singer, a chat room, and message board.

Fans like Lise Rochibeau from Nova Scotia, Canada have left the pop star friendly, supportive messages.

"Keep your spirits up George, and know that no matter what happened you're still my favourite singer/songwriter -- Be strong!", wrote Rochibeau.

Another fan wrote," George I love you and I don't care what you do it is your business I will love you no matter what people say! Keep a chin up and dont worry you have alot of support from fans we love you! God bless you Please dont let this bring you down We miss you and hope to see ya soon! Take one day at a time! You gotta have faith! Time heals all wounds. You have had bad times before and you made it through so smile and know we are here for you ok!"

Michael closed the interview by stating, " I'm perfectly prepared to believe that as long as I am truthful to myself and truthful to the people who are out there with my music then I have nothing to fear." His fans couldn't agree with him more.

Courtesy of Tara Akinlose, webmistress, The George Michael FAQ

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