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Monday, 30 March 1998

"A Real "Cheesehead" Says GLAAD

"Worships at the Shrine of the Inflated Pigskin" Says Jack Nichols

"Too Much Football without a Helmet" Says Bob Kunst



During a shocking March 25 speech to the Wisconsin Legislature, Green BayPackers player Reggie White accused the U.S. of going away from God by allowing homosexuality to "run rampant." White said, "homosexuality is a decision, it's not a race. People from all different ethnic backgrounds live in this lifestyle. But people from all different ethnic backgrounds also are liars and cheaters and malicious and back-stabbing."

He then said, "I've often had people ask me, 'Would you allow a homosexual to be your friend?' Yes I will. And the reason is because I know that that person has problems. If I can minister to those problems, I will. But the Bible strictly speaks against it."

He then explained that God had created different races for different reasons. Blacks, he said, are gifted at worship and celebration, while whites are good at organization. "Hispanics were gifted in family structure, and you can see a Hispanic person, and they can put 20, 30 people in one home," he said, adding that the Japanese and other Asians are inventive and "can turn a television into a watch."

Assembly Speaker Scott Jenson had invited White, who is also an ordained minister, to speak about his community work. Jenson said that sexual orientation is biologically based, and not a decision.

Ironically, White has received the prestigious Tolerance Award of the Simon Wisenthal Center "for his commitment to fostering tolerance and pursuing his vision for a better America."

While he later claimed his comments were about "coming together as a society" and not meant to stereotype the races, he explicitly stereotyped races and equated being gay with lying, cheating, and malicious and back-stabbing behavior.

"I'm absolutely appalled that someone of White's stature would be so insensitive to a group that has faced so much discrimination and bigotry," said openly gay ex-Green Bay Packer Dave Kopay.

GLAAD Executive Director Joan M. Garry said, "White's stardom gives him influence over millions of youth and adult fans. I am shocked that he would irresponsibly use his voice in such a damaging manner. White's assertion that being lesbian or gay is a malicious 'lifestyle' akin to dishonesty and cruelty is bizarre, wrong-headed and factually inaccurate.

GLAAD calls upon him to apologize for his divisive and hurtful comments and asks the National Football League (NFL) and the Green Bay Packers to separate themselves from White's prejudicial views."

Insist that the Green Bay Packers and the NFL take a stand for inclusion, understanding and true diversity by denouncing White's divisive and ignorant comments. In addition, ask Campbell's Soup, for whom White is a spokesperson, if this is the kind of message they want to endorse. Also, encourage CBS Sports, who is currently considering hiring White as a sports commentator, to seriously reconsider in light of these disturbing comments.


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Bob Hartlan, Owner
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Gene Upshaw, President
NFL Players Association
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National Football League (NFL)

Consumer Relations, Campbell's Soup Corporation
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Sean McManus, Sports President
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JACK NICHOLS,___Badpuppy's GayToday Editor

Should I giggle demurely or just shout back in response to Reggie White's foul cries? Why doesn't his droll drool excite me? Frankly, I half-way expect such things from half-buttocked men who spend their days and nights bumping into each other on purpose.

No red-blooded balls-bunting bozo would want that good ol' football standby-- that repetitive player-behavior—butt patting-- understood as being too affectionate a gesture or as something reputedly unmanly. Reggie's probably afraid those patting frenzies of his will be misinterpreted. Gentle Joseph, there goes that Reggie again, can't keep his hands to himself!

Football. Isn't it the nation's most popular Sunday religious cult? Yet, please note, it causes spinal damage, internal organ damage, and, especially, brain damage.

Mr. White— can I call you Reggie? (but isn't Reggie a girl's name—ending with an "ie" n' all?)-- it was so so you to assure the world of your hyper-macho self-image propped up by your bone-headed bigot banter. You are a card.

It would seem to me-- since you mentioned God-- if Jesus were to watch you from his private box he'd be likely to hear your fans screaming typical orders your way: "Kill em, maim 'em!" That's the tune you dance to, Reggie. Face it, big sweaty sweetie.

Reggie, does your deity think "Kill 'em, Maim 'em!" makes good weekend-playing-field-mantras, a double-thought worth the admission price? Did you think, Reggie, that as you gang bang into others on the playing field that they should simply do the same unto you? A man laden with Christ-like mannerisms, that's what you're about? OK. Whatever.

Here, have some beer and nachos, the new communion dish.

Well, I'm getting bored by you, Reggie. I think you need a long rest. I wish you every lucky moment in the Packers locker room hunkered down with your posterior-patting buddies.

But did anybody really notice or truly want your grandiose posterior in the locker-room showers, Reggie? No? I didn't think so. Why not? 'Cause you're a tight-ass, that's why. You should really do an ad for Preparation H. If Campbell Soup cans your--- can, that is.

Bob Kunst, Director, The Oral Majority:

Was it the steroids? Too much football without a helmet? Or not enough butt patting? Were both feet with cleats inserted in his mouth? Is there anything more pathological than one minority member attacking another?

Apparently those suffering like Reggie White and Paula Jones from "Sexual Aversion Disease" (SAD) are, like the GOP and its media lackeys, willing to rend the nation to get at Clinton. The sexual witch hunt has become their only agenda.

No one is arguing White's right to his own opinion, the opinion of an asshole-- but when that opinion is a pack of lies, meanly spread and part of a sexual witch hunt that affects everyone from the White House — to Lafayette Park --attacking and harrassing gays everywhere—lives are put at stake.

I will never understand how one minority can put down another where the only victors are those white Nazis who want us dead.

I just saw one of Reggie White's commercials for Campbell Soups and it so outraged me that I told Campbell Soups that White's hate remarks are now their worst public relations nightmare.

White can't sell himself, let alone soup.

Now the leader of the NAACP in Wisconsin won't condemn Reggie White's bigotry.

Will the national President of the NAACP get off the fence and be accountable on this issue?

Will the NAACP use its influence to get Federal non-discrimination legislation for everyone regardless of affectional and sexual preferences? Will NAACP attack homopbobia, sexism, and classism, ageism and all the other arbitrary diseases destroying us?

These questions need answering by the President of the NAACP.

I believe Reggie White has run himself and the movement for human equality into a roadside gutter.

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