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Right Wing Views on Kosovo

clinton.gif - 11.79 K It's funny: Clinton gets blasted for being a "draft-dodger", and also for trying to "stop the pain" with "cowardly" long-distance blows, all by the same folks, whose real agenda is simply that they hate him, and who consequently hate anything he might come up with. If tomorrow morning he tried to outlaw abortion, they'd figure out a rationale to hate him for that, too.

I wonder if the real reason the right don't approve of this war is because, deep down inside, they really relate more to ethnic cleansers. After all, they were isolationists until the Japs hit Pearl Harbor, and if it hadn't been for Hitler declaring war on the US, they would have been just as happy, once the Japs were put down like the non-white dogs they felt them to be, to have sat back and watched, and cheered, while the Nazis turned Europe's Jews into soap.

lotthelmsnazi.jpg - 7.78 K And when you get down to it, the Lotts and Helmses of this country are the ones who sold the Cherokee and Choctaw down the river, who were all for Constitutional liberties so long as none but white males were benefited, and who kept the Civil War going long after it was perfectly plain the North would win: and why? Because they really felt, in their souls, that niggers, not having souls, were destined by the White Man's God to be slaves, to serve at the beck and call of any white man who wanted to get rich.

So now we have Serbs, who have for at least the last hundred years been perfectly happy to stab anyone in the back who offered to get in their way, who have raped, and murdered, and pillaged anyone not of their limited crowd who dared to assert any interest in a differing agenda: and the Lotts and Buchanans really identify with them.

Pat Buchanan, who hates the English for what he feels their grandfathers did in Ireland a hundred years ago, and more, identifies most with the people who are doing as much, and a whole lot worse, today. That's the shit that gives Patriarchy the bad name it has.


Bathhouse Betty
Ought to Know

We need your views published about the SF bathhouse initiative. My gut reaction is that real love between men is blocked through the silence of anonymous sex and it can't lead to a Walt Whitman reality. You addressed this in the 70's "back of gay bars v clean bathhouses" and I think it is time to do it again.


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Spaced Out with Luke Skywalker

lukesky.jpg - 5.93 K Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back I was totally into Star Wars, but I was the "correct" age when it appeared - around 12. By the time Jedi came out, I was a freshman in college. I must admit to being very swept up in each of the three episodes & to loving each character & plot development (except for those annoying little Ewoks).

As for Mark Hamill, in 1986-88 I was living in Manhattan & working in the entertainment field. One of our clients was doing an off-b'way play with Mark H. and as such, I went to see it one evening. Having a job working with actors (famous & not) on a daily basis created quite a "non-fan" attitude in me, but this was Luke Skywalker!

After the play I hung out in the lobby on the fringe of the small group waiting for "Luke" to appear. He came out and spent a good 15-20 minutes signing autographs, chatting with people, etc. Finally, I was the last one left. I'd decided to ask for two autographs - one for myself & one for a Star Wars fanatic back home. He said, "Hey, I'm late for dinner, you wanna walk me?"

With that, we exited the theatre & strode through Midtown, talking the entire time. I got my autographs and a nice little 10-minute conversation about the play & his future plans --and I was a complete stranger to him, just some fan! I wanted to ask about Star Wars but I didn't, he was trying to down-play the series at the time.


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