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Monday, 18 August, 1997

The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot
The Last in a Series

By Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D.


Looking south from my house on the hill, I saw smoke rising from the fires that were set on Hollywood Boulevard. The fires which had been deliberately set in the Black neighborhoods of the city, had spread north. Now the flames were less than a mile away from my home in the Hollywood Hills. It was rumored that Black and Latino gangs were going to burn the entire city, and I feared the crazed arsonists would torch the dry brush of the canyons above Hollywood. It would be impossible for the already taxed fire department to stop an inferno in the hills.

The city had gone insane in the aftermath of the Rodney King verdict. Blacks were beating up whites and Latinos. Korean-owned stores were torched. In the mounting violence and killing, people frantically defended their property with guns. And the police seemed powerless to stop the destruction.

The delicate ethnic patchwork of L.A. society was suddenly ripped apart. When I came to the city in the early 1960s, Los Angeles was a predominantly white city, but the ensuing years had totally changed the complexion of the metropolis. During the 1980s, the massive foreign immigration transformed the community into a melting pot, which now consisted of 40% Anglo, 40% Latino, 10% Black, and 10% Asian.

The City of Angels exploded into a City of Hell, the destruction meticulously recorded by helicopter film crews that swarmed above the lawless crowds. I was mesmerized by TV scenes showing the looting of familiar Hollywood stores where I shopped. Latinos, arms filled with stolen goods, running helter-skelter into my neighborhood streets, while the police huddled inside patrol cars and watched the sacking of the city.

Of course, one would have to be blind not to see the riots coming. For years the newspapers were filled with tidbits about the declining L.A. lifestyle and its dangers. The crime statistics for the county were nightmarish: 55,000 robberies per year, 70,000 burglaries, 65,000 assaults, 150,000 stolen cars.

The Los Angeles Times (May 17, 1991) warned: "The people of Los Angeles County are living under the gun. More of them are shot to death than are killed by traffic accidents. Last year, at least 8,600 people were hit by bullet--almost one an hour--while thousands of others were nearly shot." Since the 1960s, people have watched the gradual transformation of L.A. from a beautiful and fairly safe city, into a city of ugliness. Where once the busy streets sparkled, now they are flooded with garbage and debris. Graffiti is everywhere, assaulting the eyes, even in the most prosperous neighborhoods. The homeless, the drug-crazed, the mentally-ill, and the panhandlers roam the city. A federal commission reports that half of all Americans with AIDS are homeless, or are about to be homeless. Fifteen percent of people living on the streets are now HIV-positive. The city, once fabulous, now contains the sights of an impoverished third-world city.

Poor immigrants from all over the world pour into Los Angeles. Half the students of the local elementary school are Latino, one-quarter are Armenian. Half the people in L.A. do not speak English at home. One in every three was born in a foreign country.

Poverty is everywhere. One in every seven people in the county is on welfare. In riot-torn South Central L.A., half of the young Black men are unemployed or have dropped out of the labor force. Hopelessness and drug addiction abound in the Black ghetto.

During the three-day siege, the city was transformed into a war zone. People were not allowed to go out after dusk. Like everyone else caught inside this racial and ethnic nightmare, I was angry. I had worked hard to get my place in the sun, and now it was all threatened by a horde of hostile fellow countrymen with torches in their hands.

I thought of America's enemies that I was encouraged to hate and fear during my lifetime: the Japanese, the Chinese, the North Koreans, the Germans, the Russians, the Communists. But in the burning of L.A. there were no conspirators. No right or left wingers. No CIA. Only us.

The L.A. war that erupted during the writing of this book was further proof of the madness of our society. The destruction of the gay community from AIDS was no different from the deliberate destruction of Los Angeles. In essence, both destructions were "man-made."

The most common argument against AIDS as genocide, is that Americans would never intentionally murder each other with biological warfare. Unfortunately, modern world history provides numerous examples of people killing each other within the confines of a nation. Various religious groups in Yugoslavia now seek to exterminate each other in their quest for power. The entire Muslim population of Bosnia-Herzegovina is now threatened with extermination by the Christian population. The media has a new term for the killings: "Ethnic Cleansing."

In Iraq, in the Soviet Union, in African nations, and elsewhere on the planet, people continue to murder each other for God knows what reason. Loving is hard; murder is easy.

Why would anyone want to eliminate millions of people on this planet? The answer is overpopulation. There are simply too many people all competing for resources that are limited. For decades, some world planners have insisted that measures be taken to reduce the world's population. Unfortunately, mandatory birth control programs have proven ineffective.

At the Earth Summit Conference in Rio de Janeiro in June 1992, the subject of rapidly increasing world population was tabled, primarily due to pressure from the Vatican and fundamentalist Moslems. Measures for limiting population growth were considered" politically incorrect."

HIV infection has already proven to be a highly effective birth control device in depopulating certain areas of the world, particularly Africa. It is now predicted that Uganda will have 20 million people within 15 years, instead of 24 million, due to projected fatalities from AIDS virus infection.

Current statistics regarding unrestrained growth of the human population are remarkable. According to literature provided by Zero Population Growth, "in the 6 seconds it takes you to read this sentence, 24 people will be added to the Earth's population. Within an hour ... 11,000; by day's end ... 260,000. Before you go to bed two nights from now, the net growth will be enough to fill a city the size of San Francisco. We're increasing by 95 million every single year. No wonder they call it the human race!" The present world population figure of 5.3 billion is expected to rise to 10 billion by the year 2050!

The U.S. media have censored all serious discussion of AIDS as a man-made disease, and have dismissed the accusation as propaganda of the worst sort. It is indeed incredible that the biowarfare story has been suppressed for over a decade. However, in the past few years people have been made acutely aware of the "secret" government that runs America and frequently lies to the public. It is now well known that covert agencies such as the FBI and CIA, and clandestine organizations like the Mafia and others, have all influenced the American agenda. These agencies all operate outside the will of the American people.

Films like Oliver Stone's JFK have provoked a public out cry over the suppression of evidence and the facts surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Now, thirty years after Kennedy's murder, Americans are learning more about the government's conspiracy that resulted in the killing of Kennedy in the 1963 "coup d'etat."

One would think the biowarfare story would be a perfect news story for TV, an industry that revels in show biz, sex, and scandal. For example, ABC's "Eleven O'Clock News" (May 19, 1992) educated Americans on the following newsworthy events in its thirty-minute evening segment: An interview with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman plugging their new movie Far and Away; clips of the soon-to-be-released film Alien-3; a short piece on ex-Beatle Ringo Starr; a bit about the possible retrieval of Madonna's "bustier" stolen from Frederick's of Hollywood; a story on drunk driving charges filed against Larry Fortensky (Elizabeth Taylor's husband). Other news items included a short segment on police dogs; the legal difficulties of a Georgia man charged with raping a woman with 14 different personalities; the revelation that the death of "Brady Bunch" Dad (Robert Reed) was AIDS-related; and a bit on German measles. The two meatiest news items concerned Jesse Jackson ("We must all learn to live together"); and Vice President Dan Quayle seeking the return of "family values" and his condemnation of TV-character "Murphy Brown" for having a baby out of wedlock. Sports and the weather report (and innumerable commercials) rounded out "the important events" of the day.

Conspiracy buffs know that the major media are controlled by big business interests. Those who control, manipulate, and censor the major media, are aware of the political and social implications of the AIDS biowarfare story. Some conspiratologists believe that the media's suppression of the AIDS story makes it even more credible.

Nowadays, to be fully informed requires much more than simply listening to radio or TV news and reading the daily newspaper. Books have always been a better source of information, but reading is now on the decline. A recent survey by the American Booksellers Association reveals that 60% of American households did not buy a book in 1991. Of the 40% who bought a book, 99% classified themselves as "white." Two thirds of all books purchased were "fiction."

Despite attempts to suppress the AIDS biowarfare story, bits and pieces are slowly appearing in the media. On "Showbiz Today" (a CNN-TV show aired on Thanksgiving Day, 1991), Bill Cosby shocked the audience by saying, "AIDS was started by human beings to get after certain people they didn't like." Cosby later told the National Enquirer (December 24, 1991),"I believe AIDS has been man-made. The people who created AIDS didn't realize the holocaust they would cause." A New York Post editorial (December 4) criticized Cosby's words as "ugly stuff" and "very useful to those who want to inflame group hatreds and incite violence."

When an Advocate reporter (September 10, 1991) asked Grace Jones about AIDS, the popular Black disco diva of the 70s remarked, "I really think that AIDS was something planted --germ warfare that got out of hand." In another Advocate interview (February 25, 1992), news reporter Geraldo Rivera was asked if AIDS was a conspiracy or a medical experiment gone awry. Rivera dodged the question by saying, "I think the roots of AIDS are a lot less relevant than the manner of AIDS transmission."

Actor Steven Seagal, who has made several popular action films, has written a screenplay about AIDS as a man-made disease. Seagal says his script has been blackballed by producers who deem his idea "socially irresponsible." The actor told Weekly World News (February 11, 1992): "I believe that we have been lied to about AIDS. I believe it's a man-rnade virus, and not from green monkeys."

In Rolling Stone Black filmmaker Spike Lee writes that a lot of people will have to do a lot of explaining about AIDS one day. How could a mysterious and incurable disease appear out of nowhere and specifically target gays and minorities? Lee thinks the mystery disease is "about as mysterious as genocide." He is convinced "AIDS is a government-engineered disease. They never realized it couldn't be contained to the groups it was intended to wipe out." Is Lee paranoid? He declares: "You might think I'm crazy about this one. I don't think so."

Currently, even the most skeptical American has been made aware that government conspiracies and covert operations do exist. In a Los Angeles Times story (February 9, 1992), Dan Oldenburg briefly mentions the major conspiracy theories that are popular today. Heading his list is the theory that "AIDS is a 'designer' disease created in top-secret laboratories by U.S. government scientists for eugenic purposes and for the genocide of homosexuals, drug users, blacks, and the underprivileged." Oldenburg does not discuss AIDS biowarfare, choosing to classify the theory as one of a half-dozen " 'real' stories that 'they' don't want us to know."

Total denial is a common (and understandable) response to the idea that AIDS is a covert genocide program. While L.A. was burning, part of me was in denial. It's all a bad dream and I'll soon wake up, I thought. The destruction and killings are illusions with no real meaning. The shootings, the raging fires, the sounds of war are happening in Beirut, not here in the city where I live.

This human protective psychological device called "denial' is the strongest argument against AIDS as a man-made disease For many people, the idea is too painful to bear. As a consequence, the thought that the idea could be true is quickly dismissed from the mind. And people go on pretending it could never be. In my experience, physicians comprise the group most unreceptive to the concept of AIDS biowarfare. Most doctor believe the idea is absurd. The subject of AIDS as biowarfare is rarely mentioned in the medical literature, and is usually regarded as nonsense unfit for analysis. For example, in the prestigious British Medical Journal ("Origin of AIDS," May 1, 1989), Myra McClure and Thomas Schultz quickly dismiss the claim that AIDS escaped from a germ warfare lab. They simply write: "Lack of supporting evidence precludes serious discussion of such a bizarre hypothesis. This review deals with the theories on the origin of HIV that are scientifically plausible. End of discussion!

A common response of AIDS researchers to the biowarfare issue is that they are so busy trying to find a cure for AIDS that they have no time to investigate such foolishness. Even gay AIDS activists use this ploy.

Executive director Martin Delaney of Project Inform, a non-profit gay community foundation that supplies AIDS treatment to more than 60,000 people, provides an example of this kind of response. Writing in the Advocate (May 5, 1992), Delaney questions whether the 1950s African polio vaccines were contaminated with HIV. If the vaccines were contaminated, Delaney suggests this "could create chaos in the courts ... and it would place an awesome burden of remorse on people who in the 1950s were struggling to save the world from a polio epidemic." He concludes: "For now the polio theory is speculation. Many scientists would prefer to leave it that way, fearing that a positive finding might bias the public against testing of an AIDS vaccine when one is desperately needed. Testing the samples might be the only way to end speculation. Still this kind of thing is at best a distraction from the real issues of AIDS." (Emphasis mine.)

Why do AIDS activists avoid the subject of AIDS biowarfare? Undoubtedly, they fear a confrontation on this issue. Activists are constantly badgering the government for more funding. Accusing officials of deliberate gay genocide might cause the government to stop listening to gay demands.

While the AIDS experts are consumed with finding a cure, or an effective drug or vaccine for AIDS, the worldwide deaths increase. The WHO 1992 statistics indicate that 11 million people in various parts of the world carry the AIDS virus. By the end of the century, 40 million adults and children are expected to die of the disease. In some areas of Africa, over one-third of the adult population is infected. By 2015 the U.S. Bureau of the Census predicts 70 million African cases and 16 million orphans. By the mid-1990's, 3 million Asians will be infected.

Shortly after the WHO presented the 1992 statistics, a Harvard-based Global AIDS Policy Coalition estimated that up to 110 million people would be infected with HIV by the year 2000. This figure is 70 million more than the WHO estimate. The Harvard report, presented at the Eighth International Conference on AIDS, indicated that as many as 2.6 million people currently have full-blown AIDS, and 13 million more are infected.

The 1993 statistics show that one quarter million Americans have contracted AIDS. The death toll of 155,000 equals the total population of New Haven, Connecticut; or the population of cities like Orlando, Florida; Peoria, Illinois; Ann Arbor, Michigan; or Youngstown, Ohio.

Currently (ed. note 1993) 33% of the U.S. cases are Black; 17% Hispanic; 12% are women. Of AIDS teenagers, 37% are Black; 19% Latino. In 1991, one hundred Americans a day died of AIDS; in 1993 the figure is three hundred per day.

The high rate of AIDS in the Black community has again raised the specter of Black genocide. A New York Times editorial ("The AIDS Plot' Against Blacks," May 12, 1992) reemphasized that "bizarre as it may seem to most people, many Black Americans believe that AIDS and the health measures used against it are part of a conspiracy to wipe out the Black race. Some Blacks believe that AZT, the harsh drug used to combat the disease, is a plot to poison them." The editorial called on Black leaders, like Magic Johnson, to speak out against "the pernicious and dispiriting rumors."

In a May 25, 1992 editorial, Charles Orteb, publisher of the gay newspaper New York Native, insists that the FDA-approved toxic AIDS drug AZT is part of the genocide program against homosexuals and Blacks. He blasts the Times as "a mouthpiece of corrupt and incompetent AIDS 'researchers.' "

The controversy surrounding Robert Gallo's discovery of the AIDS virus shows no signs of abating. ABC-TV reporter Sam Donaldson did a damaging segment on the world's foremost AIDS researcher on Primetime Live (April 2, 1992). Gallo's peers were outspoken in their condemnation of his ethics. Donald Francis, who supervised the gay hepatitis experiment, told Donaldson that Gallo's discovery of HIV was "a lie."

Randy Shilts, the AIDS reporter who originated the Patient Zero story, also denigrated Gallo by adding, "It's completely clear to everybody that he pulled one of the greatest scientific frauds of the 20th century."

A grinning Luc Montagnier carefully explained, "We were, of course, the first to isolate the virus. "Suzanne Hadley of the Office of Scientific Integrity at the NIH, headed an official inquiry into Gallo's laboratory and produced a devastating report on his research and ethics. Hadley's report so angered her own supervisors that she was removed from the committee and transferred to another department at the NIH.

Gallo refused to be interviewed by Donaldson. When the reporter forced an on-camera conversation with Gallo on the grounds of the NIH, the AIDS scientist brushed Donaldson aside and called him "a creep."

Donaldson persisted, "Do you have anything to hide?"

Clearly exasperated, Gallo repeated, "I said, Mr. Donaldson, you're a creep!"

Donaldson: "That may be, but we're asking you whether you were the original discoverer of the AIDS virus or not."

Gallo: "Ask yourself."

After Suzanne Hadley's unflattering report was discarded, another NIH report was prepared. This time Gallo was totally exonerated of any scientific misdeeds. The report is currently under review by James Mason, Assistant Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

Gallo is not yet off the hook. According to Science (April 12, 1992), NIH director Bernadine Healy isn't satisfied and claims the report didn't answer "the big questions." Was the virus stolen by Gallo's laboratory? Was credit for the discovery stolen? Healy says these are the questions that the American public wants answered.

The New York Native is highly critical of the science emanating from Gallo's "crime-ridden" laboratory. Reporter Neenyah Ostrom reminds readers that two of Gallo's top associates, Prem Sarin and Syed Zaki Salahuddin, are now convicted felons because of crimes committed while working for Gallo. "Sarin was convicted of embezzling money earmarked for AIDS research; and Salahuddin admitted to accepting illegal gratuities. Both falsified government financial forms." Nevertheless, Salahuddin's name still appears on scientific papers published by the National Academy of Sciences. Ostrom asks: "If Sarin and Salahuddin are willing to lie and steal, should their scientific work be accepted without question?"

At the Eighth International AIDS Conference, held in Amsterdam in July 1992, world scientists were alarmed by reports of a new "human intracisternal retrovirus" that attacked the immune system, causing an AIDS-like illness. Nine people in Orange County, California, had evidence of this new viral disease. All tested negative to HIV; and all had an illness indistinguishable from AIDS.

Another new retrovirus was found in a group of patients in New York City. Again, all had an AIDS-like disease and tested HIV-negative. Robert Strecker's old prediction was coming true. Years ago he said new genetically engineered retroviral diseases would be "coming down the line." He often remarked, "AIDS is just the beginning. Soon other AIDS-like diseases will be discovered--all with viruses of unknown origin."

Was the new mysterious illness affecting Persian Gulf War veterans another engineered disease? Several hundred men from various units claim they were perfectly healthy until they returned home from the Middle East and became ill with bizarre physical symptoms and a depressed immune system. Hospitalized soldiers suffer from extreme exhaustion, swollen and painful joints, bleeding gums and loss of teeth, hair loss, peculiar rashes, and headaches.

What is causing this new disease? Is it another Agent Orange-like disease? Is it due to diesel fuel in the shower water, or smoke inhalation caused by the Kuwaiti oil fires? The VA doctors are baffled. Some medical officers have diagnosed the problem as "stress." But Arizona National Guardsman Joe Encinas and others wonder whether their medical problems were caused by two experimental anthrax vaccines that were given to the soldiers shortly before fighting began in January 1991. According to the FDA, the vaccines had been classified "investigational" and had not been tested in healthy individuals before the war.

Is the new veterans disease infectious? Contagious? How long does it last? Is it fatal? No one knows for sure.

As the death toll mounts from AIDS, what was once a "gay" disease has now become everyone's worst nightmare.

After more than a decade, the fate of the gays in Szmuness' experiment is still unknown, and the number of AIDS deaths in his homosexual cohorts remains secret and "classified" information.

A rare published account of a volunteer injected in the gay experiment appears in AIDS: The Ultimate Challenge. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross recounts Peter's story through the words of an ex-alcoholic drug abuser and prostitute who cared for Peter during his last months. In 1980 Peter volunteered for the hepatitis B experiment in San Francisco. He recalled being taken into a room and injected. The nurse said, "Oh, don't worry. We're not giving you anything that will make you sick." Peter "said that he was told that a couple of times, and that after the injection he worried and was very sorry that he had been a part of the study. He was convinced that it was an experimentation of viruses that got out of hand."

Peter was convinced that this is how the AIDS virus got started in the gay community. "He had an enormous amount of anger about it and it seemed that, at the time he was telling me about the story, most of the people that were in the hepatitis B study had already died of AIDS. A lot of his fear and anger came from that."

Another angry gay man, who was injected in the experiment at the New York City Blood Center, wrote a letter published in the New York Native (July 30, 1990). He was a participant in the experiment for four years, and recalled all the time and energy he devoted to it. Now he was enraged that no outcomes of the study were being published. On multiple occasions he protested to Cladd Stevens, director of the Epidemiology unit at the Center.

In August 1989, when the tone of his protests got louder, he received a letter from Dr. Stevens "acknowledging that their last major article had been published in JAMA in 1986, and that they had not published since. She promised at that time to send a newsletter to participants updating them on publications and other plans that never happened.

The gay volunteer was distraught. "As I see friends and acquaintances die all around me, I cannot but feel enraged by this waste of money, data, and people's time." He complained about the ethics of the Blood Center. He received quarterly reports indicating the number of "T cells" in the blood specimens he donated, but when his T cells dropped to abnormal levels, the follow-up letters stopped arriving. He worried: "Was this their subtle way of letting me know that I should consult a specialist in a hurry? ... It came as no surprise to me that when I left a recorded message at the Center in May of 1990 saying that I was dropping out of the study, no one even bothered to call me back."

After studying the hepatitis B vaccine trials for so long, it is difficult for me to imagine anyone who cannot see a connection between the gay experiment and the "gay plague." After the publication of AIDS and the Doctors of Death in 1988, I was not surprised when further details on the "outcome" of the gay experiment no longer appeared in the medical journals. The scientific world wanted to forget Wolf Szmuness and his vaccine trials.

Although the evidence was circumstantial, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the connection between AIDS and the hepatitis experiment. But during my study of the hepatitis trials, I had overlooked the most obvious piece of evidence linking AIDS to Szmuness' experiment. The strongest piece of evidence was in the tremendous success of the vaccine trials!

According to June Goodfield: "In those (gay men) who received all three injections, 96% developed antibodies against the (hepatitis) virus. Overall, the vaccine was shown to be 92.3 percent effective in protecting high risk individuals against hepatitis B; these findings are of an order of magnitude that has never been equaled in any other vaccine trial, either before or since."

The experiment could never have been so phenomenally successful if the gay men were infected with HIV before the experiment!

The reason for this is now obvious. Recent studies have shown that hepatitis B vaccination is not very successful in immunodepressed people. In HIV-positive individuals, the success rate of the hepatitis B vaccine is about 50%, only protecting one out of two people infected with the AIDS virus.

The gay men in Szmuness' study were healthy before the experiment--and damaged afterward. The experiment would have been a failure (never 96% effective) if the immune systems of the men hadn't been working at full capacity. The cohort was infected with HIV at the time of the experiment--not before.

By permanently changing the genetic structure of homosexual men, the gay experiment devastated the homosexual community in America. Health officials now predict the odds of a teenage male homosexual reaching the age of 60 without becoming HIV-positive is 50-50.

No longer is it necessary to put colored triangles on "undesirables." No yellow triangles for Jews; no pink triangles for gays. Now the mark is invisible, known only to the authorities. The colored triangles of the Nazis have been replaced by queer blood marks of death.

Is AIDS a covert genocide program against homosexual men? Is AIDS genocide against Black Africans? For those aware of "the facts of life," the answer is yes.

Why is AIDS a heterosexual disease in Africa, and a "gay" disease in the United States? Do African Blacks make love differently than white heterosexuals? How did Black African men acquire HIV? Were they all sodomized? What kind of sexually transmitted agent spreads heterosexually in Africa and homosexually in America? And rarely, if ever, is transmitted between non-drug-using lesbians?

In Africa there are millions of white people. If HIV had been present "for millennia," why is AIDS primarily a Black man's disease--and not a white man's disease in Africa? In the U.S., why was AIDS first discovered in white gays, but not in Black gays?

The facts of life of human sexuality indicate there is no way a Black heterosexual epidemic in Africa could have transformed itself into a white gay disease in America. That, in itself, is the "smoking gun."

Why did AIDS first appear exclusively in young, white, healthy gay men--the group that should be most resistant to viral infection. Why were there no cases in Asian-Americans or Native Americans? Why no cases in women? Why no cases in infants, in the elderly, and in immunodeficient people with chronic diseases--the groups more likely to acquire a contagious virus, and the groups most likely to die quickly from HIV?

The introduction of HIV via the hepatitis B trials was a deliberate attempt to liquidate the gay community--and then blame homosexual men for spreading the disease to the "general population" because of their perverted and "high risk" lifestyle.

Why did a new "gay disease" erupt as soon as homosexuals officially came out of the closet for the first time in recorded history? Another coincidence of nature?

Why are new retroviral diseases, never before seen in modern medicine, appearing so soon after retroviruses were "discovered"?

Why did the AIDS "supervirus" appear a decade after it was predicted by the biowarfare experts? Another coincidence?

Why are gay men, HIV-positive infants and poor Blacks the new experimental animals for drug companies?

Why are alternative and holistic healing methods suppressed in favor of research into a magic pill or vaccine for AIDS ?

Are millions of deaths required for the New World Order?

Like Nazi propaganda, AIDS propaganda has been highly successful in stirring up the population against undesirable HIV-positive elements of society. The public has been carefully taught to believe that Blacks and Gays and African Green Monkeys are responsible for causing AIDS. These politically correct and scientifically correct "facts" are now recorded for posterity in the "science" books of our time.

How many more AIDS deaths are required before people speak out against this secret genocide?

Where are the Jews who study the Holocaust, and who remain silent about this new worldwide extermination program?

Where are the Christians and the Bible students who preach, "Thou shalt not kill!"

Where are the doctors and the scientists, and the virologists and the epidemiologists, and the biological warfare experts, who continue to spread lies and propaganda about the origin of AIDS ?

Where are the priests, and the rabbis, and the other religious leaders, who will speak out against this injustice?

Where are the professors and the educators, the biologists and the sociologists?

Where are the world leaders, the kings and queens, the presidents and the politicians, who will protect the people from this new form of killing?

Where are the Gay leaders, and the Black leaders?

Where are the judges and the lawyers?

Where is the CIA, the FBI, the WHO, the UN, the AMA, and the FDA?

Where are the people who call themselves "pro-life"?

Where are Barbara, and Oprah, and Phil, and Geraldo? And Elizabeth, and Whoopi, and Madonna, and Magic?

Where is God?



The preceding chapter from the series has been excerpted from QUEER BLOOD: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot by Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D. The book is available from ARIES Rising Press, P.O. Box 29532, Los Angeles, California 90029 $12.95 (telephone: 213-462-6458)


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