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Tuesday, 27 May, 1997

QUEER BLOOD: The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot

Reflections on the Works of Dr. Alan Cantwell, Jr.

by Corrine Hicks


There has been an extreme reluctance to discuss Dr. Alan Cantwell's works in both mainstream media and in the lesbian/gay press. Thin-skins find his thoughts too awful to acknowledge while others clinging to official doctrines about AIDS, refuse to wander from well-worn media-made paths.

The now defunct New York Native published maverick theories on the causes of AIDS, wandering helter-skelter over a map of possibilities and, as a result, compromising its reputation as the very newspaper that had first raised AIDS alarms by having reported--ahead of all others-- gaunt threats posed by the disease. Perhaps its resultant loss of readers frightens similar publications from dwelling on such AIDS- speculations.

The nation's all-time low in speculating was published on April 1, 1982 when The San Francisco Sentinel, a gay paper (later sold to others) announced as an April Fools Day joke that "Brunch Causes 'Gay Cancer'." Among major gay press outlets that--early in the progress of reporting on the disease-- avoided facing the virus head on, some feared losses of bathhouse and sex-ad revenue. (See: UNSPEAKABLE: The Rise of the Gay and Lesbian Press in America by American University journalism professor, Dr. Rodger Streitmatter, published by Faber & Faber, 1995).

While nonsensical etiologies prevailed, Dr. Cantwell, for nearly 35 years a dermatologist and cancer researcher in Los Angeles, did autopsies on people who'd died of AIDS. As he studied reported causation theories, he was taken aback by shocking discoveries which he was, at first, unwilling--like mainstream media moguls-- to accept. After pouring over mounting evidence, however, he was later to announce that "AIDS is not a natural disease. It is not a gay disease nor a black disease. AIDS is proof that manmade super-viruses can produce a biologic holocaust. This portends immense danger for future generations. Engineered biological weapons are as deadly as any nuclear warhead."

Dr. Cantwell's response to his painstaking research was his announcement that AIDS is a genetically engineered disease that was deliberately implanted--in the early 1970's-- into the population.

Dr. Robert Gallo, who stridently claimed discovery of AIDS, though his claims were later hotly disputed and, in the minds of most, discredited, insisted AIDS had originated in Africa where a green monkey virus jumped species, finding its new home in Homo Sapiens. Cantwell was among the first to debunk Gallo's green monkey theory.

"AIDS emerged in Africa following the World Health Organization's smallpox eradication program in which millions of African blacks were injected with smallpox vaccine," Cantwell explains. "A front page story correlating the outbreak of HIV infection with the smallpox vaccine program appeared in the prestigious London Times on May 11, 1987. This important story was never reprinted in the major U.S. media, nor is the vaccine tie-in to African AIDS ever mentioned by health officials."

Queer Blood, a recent Cantwell work subtitled The Secret AIDS Genocide Plot contains documentation of a variety of lab experiments, especially those begun in 1969 when an Army biological warfare research program reportedly developed a "supergerm" that could easily destroy the immune systems of Homo Sapiens. The funding for this program was provided by Congress, and results were expected by 1979, the year that the first gay-male death due to an unknown virus took place--following inoculations given gay men in a New York City hepatitis vaccine experiment.

Dr. Cantwell tells GayToday that "there is no question that HIV was introduced into the U.S. male homosexual population via the gay hepatitis B vaccine experiment that took place between 1978 and 1981. My research clearly supports the outbreak of AIDS cases in Los Angeles and San Francisco shortly after the experiment began in those cities. Not surprisingly, the government has refused to release data on the number of AIDS deaths that have occurred in the large group of gay men who initially volunteered for the vaccine experiment."

The research conducted by Dr. Cantwell and others (See Archives, GayToday, Heath features: AIDS as a Man Made Plague (May 12) and(May 19) Government Guinea Pigs) remains, he admits, on the fringes of AIDS science, but the alarming evidence he presents makes, neverthelsss, for worthy reading.

His several books, including Queer Blood, ask why health experts avoid discussions of the virus' origins, why biological warfare experimentation is avoided as an AIDS topic, and why mainstream reporters and the gay presses shy away from investigative etiological reporting. Dr. Cantwell's books include not only Queer Blood ($12.95); but AIDS and the Doctors of Death, ($14.95); AIDS: The Mystery & the Solution, ($9.95); and The Cancer Microbe: The Hidden Killer in Cancer, AIDS, and Other Immune Diseases. ($19.95) These books are available from Aries Rising Press, P.O. Box 29532, Los Angeles, California 90029. Phone: 1-800-356-9315 or FAX @ (802) 482-3125.

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