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Gay Men's Health Summit Planned

A Multi-Issue, Multicultural Movement

Colorado Participants to Meet July 29

Compiled by GayToday

gayhealth.jpg - 8.61 K Boulder, Colorado--Calling themselves "a group of people eager to see the development of a strong, visible, politicized gay men's health movement in the United States" planners are inviting participants to meet between July 29 and August 1, 1999 in Boulder, Colorado, to launch an ambitious effort.

Motivations for health for calling this "summit" are diverse.

Some planners have been working in AIDS or gay men's health for several decades and are interested in creating a stronger, more visible grassroots movement among gay men focused on a range of health concerns.

While HIV/AIDS remains a central focus for their energies, they maintain other central concerns such as substance use among gay men, other sexually-transmitted diseases, and mental health issues.

Others are being drawn to this summit because they hope to re-energize gay men in their communities to be actively engaged in political activism, volunteerism, community life, and health promotion efforts.

"We want to spend a few days of intense focus on the health of our communities with colleagues from all over the nation who confront similar challenges and draw on similar community strengths, " said organizers.

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"We come from different locations, cultures, generations, and professions, but we share common concerns about improving gay men's health and wellness, strengthening our local communities and subcultures, and enlisting service providers, activists, health professionals, researchers, writers and cultural workers in our efforts. And all of us are committed to ensuring that gay men under 35--many of whom have never participated in Boulder."

The summit will include speakers, panels, workshops, and organizing meetings on a range of topics including, though not limited to:

  • Health promotion for gay men of color

  • Substance use and abuse

  • The implications which gender and masculinity have for gay men's health

  • Health issues facing older men: prostate cancer, heart disease, lung cancer

  • The politics and health issues emerging from circuit parties

  • Making young gay men into health advocates

  • Model gay men's health projects

  • Changes in gay cultures in response to the increasing centrality of cyberspace

  • Sex debates in gay male communities and community health implications

  • The politics and health issues emerging from barebacking

  • A new generation of HIV prevention for gay men

  • Rural gay men's health needs

  • Tensions between various gay generations

  • Mental health issues facing gay men of all colors

  • Activism focused on gay men's sexual health and access to technologies

    The summit planners consider their effort "a humble, grassroots organizing effort with ambitious aims." They say it has no big-money sponsors or large organizations leading the effort.

    boulderaids.jpg - 10.40 K Boulder County AIDS Project It is being organized by concerned men and women in various parts of the country who are handling logistics, program planning, publicity, and housing.

    They've chosen a narrow focus on gay men in order to give concentrated attention to the special health issues faced by this population.

    An announcement reads: "We welcome all people motivated to improve the well-being of gay male communities to participate and we invite programming ideas focused on any population or subculture identifying as gay men."

    Organizers plan to limit the summit to 250 registrants and expect to be at capacity by June. Participants are advised to register and to make housing reservations immediately. The conference site is the Regal Harvest House in Boulder and it is wheelchair accessible.
    Registration and Housing Information:

    Telephone: 303-444-6121
    Programming and Workshops: Eric Rofes at 415-255-6210 or
    Press Inquiries: contact Kirk Read at 415-487-9305 or

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