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American & African AIDS Organizations Train in the USA

Compiled by AIDS Treatment News

The National Minority AIDS Council (NMAC), working with the
U.S. Office of AIDS Research (OAR), will be holding a
series of 4-day workshops on partnerships between U.S. and African AIDS organizations. Two African organizers--
selected by a coalition of African organizations--will
attend each of these workshops.

The following dates and locations were announced:

  • June - to be announced

  • July 10-13, in New York City;

  • July 31 - August 3, in San Juan, Puerto Rico;

  • October, in San Antonio, Texas; and

  • October 30 - November 2, New Orleans.

    From the Announcement:

    What Is Twinning?

    Twinning is a formal, substantive collaboration between two
    organizations. The word formal implies that there is an
    agreement or contract that is either written or verbal
    which substantively indicates that the interaction is
    significant and that it lasts for a period of time.

    Twinning should be two-way in order for both organizations
    to benefit from the collaboration and learn from each

    Twinning is a type of collaboration that is critical to the success of the work that HIV/AIDS organizations do.
    Collaboration implies that two organizations are working with each other on a specific project to exchange information or skills. If twinning is carried out successfully, vital information is exchanged between the
    organizations. This exchange of significant information allows them to create opportunities to work together.

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    Benefits Of Twinning

    Strengthening Capacity
    Identification & Sharing Of Best Practices
    Increased Program Effectiveness
    Decreased Cultural Barriers
    Relationship Building
    Building Of A Global Movement

    Follow Up

    It is our hope that in February of 2002 [NMAC] will bring
    the 12 NGOs from Africa who participated in this program
    back to the US to once again meet with their twinned NMAC
    constituents. This meeting will be a follow-up to evaluate
    the process, make recommendations for future activities and
    to continue the process and benefits of twinning.

    It is also NMAC's hope that should the process work well
    with these African NGOs, that we will broaden our reach
    during our 2002 regionals to include NGOs from Central and
    South America as well as South East Asia and India.

    How To Get Involved

    Attend one of the NMAC Regional Trainings 2001. Two African
    NGOs will attend each of our regional trainings starting in
    Seattle (see schedule below), different African NGOs will
    attend the remaining 6 trainings. Please review the
    twinning document and learn more about the regional
    training by going to: (after the Seattle meeting, you may need to start at:

    If you want to be considered as a potential "twin", please
    contact Jay Blackwell, Email:, phone 1-


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