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Built to Survive--Anabolics, Exercise, Nutrition, Supplements

By John S. James

Built to Survive, by AIDS treatment advocates Michael Mooney and Nelson Vergel, covering anabolic steroids, exercise, nutrition, and popular supplements (especially for preventing or treating HIV-related wasting), was published February 2000. Mooney and Vergel are also editors of the MEDIBOLICS newsletter,

The book includes sections on AIDS wasting, BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis), testosterone replacement therapy, different kinds of anabolic steroids, legality of anabolic steroids in medicine, lipodystrophy and potential approaches for management, side effects and guidelines for anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, orthomolecular nutrition, popular food supplements, various diet plans, food safety, diarrhea, blood tests to use before starting a nutritional program, exercise programs, recommended reading, references, and testimonials.

Built to Survive is published by PoWeR (Program for Wellness Restoration), a nonprofit organization founded by Nelson Vergel. The cover price is $24.95, but copies can be ordered from the Houston Buyers' Club, 1-800-350-2392, for $18.95 +3.95 shipping; the book is also available through , which can ship internationally.

Comment: Built to Survive provides an accessible overview of certain important therapies, by advocates who have made themselves experts in this area. Some of the recommendations may be controversial, and we are not qualified to judge their medical appropriateness. We suggest this book as a source of ideas that you may later want to discuss with your physician- -a discussion which the authors repeatedly urge their readers to have.
Testosterone Cream is HereŚNo More Shots!

By John S. James

On March 2 the Community Prescription Service, a mail-order pharmacy associated with POZ magazine and specializing in HIV, announced that it is selling a compounded testosterone cream.

This product is not generally available in pharmacies. ("Compounded" means that it is specially prepared by a pharmacist at the direction of a physician, not a packaged pharmaceutical product; compounded products do not have to pass most of the FDA requirements for approval of pharmaceuticals.)

Topical testosterone has long been available (see Testosterone Cream and Gel Available; Prices Vary Greatly," AIDS Treatment News #307, November 20, 1998), but usually only through certain pharmacies which specialize in compounding.

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With the CPS product, the physician specifies the starting dose per application, and the cream is made up accordingly. According to CPS, for most people, an appropriate starting dose is 12.5 mg of testosterone per application. The same controlled-substance regulations apply to topical testosterone as to the injected or patch forms of the drug.

For more information about this testosterone cream, call CPS at 800-842-0502.

Note: On February 29 Unimed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced that the FDA had approved its AndroGel(TM) 1% testosterone gel "for replacement therapy in males for conditions associated with a deficiency or absence of endogenous testosterone"--the first time the FDA has approved such a product. However, AndroGel is not expected to be widely available in pharmacies until mid summer. Apparently AndroGel will deliver a somewhat higher dose of testosterone than the CPS cream.

Comment: We expect that the main practical difference between the products is that the AndroGel will be much more expensive.
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