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HIV Buyers' Club List

By Tadd Tobias
AIDS Treatment News

AIDS Treatment News publishes a buyers' club list each December. For a short overview and introduction to the meaning, history, and services of these organizations, see our listing in AIDS Treatment News #309, December 18, 1998.

This year we focused on buyers' clubs specializing in HIV (we also included Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco, because of its extensive selection of supplements and excellent information about them).

All the organizations listed below are nonprofit. Most can provide products by mail order. Most have fact sheets or other information, and some have a nutritionist or other expert available at certain times to answer questions.

Some offer financial assistance with purchases if necessary. Most are open to the public, but some require membership (which may require an annual fee, or be restricted geographically or in other ways). Call ahead for open hours and other information.

We have not listed medical marijuana buyers' clubs here. The best way to find out about any in your area is by referral from a local AIDS service organization, support group, or healthcare professional.


Being Alive Buyers' Club
1427 North Third St., Phoenix AZ 85004
602-253-2437, fax: 602-253-5577

Travis Wright Memorial Buyers' Club
Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation Buyers' Club
3755 Euclid Ave, Tucson AZ 85719
800-771-9054 or 520-628-7223
fax: 520-628-7222
TTY: 800/367-8937

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Rainbow Grocery Cooperative (20% PWA discount)
1745 Folsom St., San Francisco CA 94103


Denver Buyers' Club (PWA Coalition Colorado)
1290 Williams St.
Mailing address: P.O. Box 300339, Denver CO 80203
303-329-9379, fax: 303-329-9381
TTY: accepted through operator
Bilingual Spanish/English

District of Columbia

Carl Vogel Center
1012-14th St. NW, Suite 707, Washington DC 20005
202-638-0750, fax: 202-638-0749
Membership: annual cost $25 (includes BIA testing, reduced
prices for massage acupuncture, educational symposium, newsletter, reduced prices for supplements).


AIDS Treatment Initiatives
159 Ralph McGill Blvd. NE Suite 510, Atlanta GA 30308-3311
888-874-4845 or 404-659-2437
fax: 404-659-2438
TTY: 404-524-0464


Treatment Information Network's/Boston Buyers' Club
Boston Living Center, 29 Stanhope St., 3rd Floor
Boston MA 02116
800-435-5586, or 617-266-2223
fax: 617-450-9412

New York

DAAIR (Direct Access Alternative Information Resources)
31 East 30th St. #2A, New York NY 10016
888-951-5433 or 212-725-6994
fax: 212-689-6471
New members receive a membership outreach pack of over 100 pages. PREVENTING AND MANAGING DRUG SIDE EFFECTS AND HIV SYMPTOMS is available at (click the Countering Toxicities button on the home page).


Houston Buyers' Club
3400 Montrose Blvd. #605, Houston TX 77006
713-520-5288, fax: 713-521-7419

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