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Transgender Activist Gunned Down
in Jacksonville, Florida

Loss of Terrianne Summers Evokes Local Shock & Sadness

Equality Florida Suspects Likelihood of Hate-Crime Motive

Compiled by GayToday
Courtesy of Equality Florida

Jacksonville, Florida--Equality Florida has joined family and friends mourning the loss of transgender activist Terrianne Summers who was gunned down outside her home Wednesday night.

While the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office has no suspects at this time, the circumstances surrounding the murder indicate the attack may have been a hate-crime. Equality Florida notes that transgender people are statistically the most targeted group for hate violence in America today. The organization is calling on law enforcement agencies to fully investigate the possibility that the murder of Terrianne Summers was a bias-motivated attack.
A photo of Terrianne Summers' from her Web site. Summers' was murdered Wednesday night in an apparent hate crime

The murder comes in the shadow of November 28th, the third annual National Day of Remembrance for transgender people killed in hate-motivated crimes.

According to statistics collected by the education organization Gender Education and Advocacy, hate crimes have resulted in the murder of nine transgender people in Florida, ranking it as sixth most dangerous state in the country.

Unfortunately these grim statistics represent only a fraction of the violence transgender people experience because law enforcement agencies, lacking awareness of gender issues, often undercounts or incorrectly classifies hate crimes against transgender people.

According to the First National Study of Transgender Violence performed by GenderPAC, 60% of transgender people nationwide have been the victims of violent assault with nearly half requiring medical care for their injuries.

Terrianne was a human rights activist who worked closely with local and state human rights organizations and who helped to organize and empower the transgender community in the Jacksonville area.

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Her sudden and violent death is counted a great loss for her family and friends as well as for the transgender community, long ravaged by hate-based violence.

"Terrianne was always quick with a smile and eager to help others," said Jessica Archer, fellow transgender activist and friend who works for Equality Florida.

"She showed tremendous courage to be out and active in a part of the state where transgender people are highly misunderstood and are generally afraid of being visible."

Terrianne Summers is survived by a spouse and two children.

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