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Pope: 'Gay Marriage is Among Threats to the Family'

Says: 'Crisis of the Family Causes the Crisis of Society'

Pontiff's Fears Surface at General Wednesday Audience

By Jack Nichols

popesmile.jpg - 9.05 K Perhaps Pope John Paul II should reconsider his anti-gay marriage stance. Think of all the money the Church can make on gay annulments Vatican City—In theological shorthand Pope John Paul II signaled to a general audience on Wednesday that a show of intolerance for same-sex love and affection is how he'd help save the whole of civilization.

While replying to questions about gay marriages, His Holiness ventured to call homosexual unions one of several major forces threatening the institution of the family.

But there was something even worse, he cruelly intimated. The Institution of the Family must be deemed the principal foundation stone of society itself, he insisted. "The crisis of the family becomes the cause of the crisis of society."

By extension, if homosexuals number among the topmost threats to the family, and thus to society,their approved presence would therefore wreak havoc, if not destroy the family and therefore the Pope's notion of an ideal Roman Catholic society.

The Roman Catholic Pontiff's publicly expressed concerns on Wednesday, therefore, are serving—by way of what he sees as a logical progression-- to paint "family-threatening" gay men and lesbians as Public Enemy Number One.

The Pope seems to have increasingly been driven to promote full control by the Roman Catholic clergy over lucrative guilt-producing sexual intimacies, demanding a world wherein all highly-charged emotional and sexual relationships are rendered invalid and treated as scourges if the sexual sanctions the Church alone allows are ignored.

The Pope bemoaned the fact that his idea of family "as a community founded on marriage between a man and a woman" is under attack by godless forces he calls "ethical relativism" and by which he means a turning away from Papal guidance.

This sort of "relativism" is gaining ground, he complains, in public opinion polls and in local, state and national legislation.

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